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Official YouMail Voicemail Plus App Updated

youmailplus ShvartzBerry let me know that YouMail has updated their official BlackBerry app. The ANNOYING part is that the update is only available through the BlackBerry App World from what I can tell. They still do not have the sound notification profile support like VyMail but hopefully that is coming soon.

This release focuses on two key features:

  1. Power savings! As designed, the YouMail application ‘polls’ our servers for new voicemails. Now you can optimize YouMail to:
    • Disable YouMail’s polling. YouMail relies on detecting SMS or e-mail alerts delivered to your phone – If you have YouMail alerts sent to your phone, polling is not necessary.
    • Set the polling time to less frequent checks. This is a good compromise, if you want to ensure new voicemails are received but need to save some battery life.
  2. Better customization with a new settings screen.
    • Change how YouMail alerts you about voicemails with SMS, e-mails, both, or neither.
    • Activate or deactivate call forwarding to YouMail, right from the phone. Now you can switch back to your carrier’s voicemail easily whenever you need to.
    • A host of other settings.

You can find the updated version in the App World. They are even offering a drawing for free 8GB iPod Touch if you upgrade today only. I really do not understand why developers are starting to only list their apps in the App World. Why limit your customers upgrade path?

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  1. i have not used the app world yet, but cant you just get the link from the finall install page and post it elsewhere?

    • I’ve emailed YouMail customer support to try and obtain a direct-download link, so we don’t have to use the abortion that is App World.

      I’ll keep everyone posted, but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. And you can’t even search for YouMail in App World. Can’t find it. Search is a total bust in App World.

  3. We release on AppWorld for several reasons:

    1) AppWorld easily handles huge numbers of downloads at one time, at no incremental cost to us. All our problems related to peak downloads went away.

    2) AppWorld handles ensuring that only eligible phones download it. Almost all of our huge customer support issue around old O/S’s, unsupported carriers, etc.. have gone away.

    3) People who go to AppWorld can see and write reviews, which is very important to an App/Service like ours.

    If you’re not finding “youmail” in AppWorld, odds are you’re an unsupported phone (e.g, Storm on AT&T), old O/S (common w/Pearls and Curves) or unsupported carrier (Alltel or Sprint).


    • I’m using OS v4.6.0.266 on an AT&T Bold and cannot find “youmail” in searching AppWorld…

    • Alex–

      Unfortunately, while App World may solve issues for you as a developer, it introduces issues on the consumer’s end. App World is a bloated application (> 500 K) that provides no usable benefit other than downloading applications. Due to limited memory on even some of the “current” BlackBerry devices, users must carefully manage memory usage on their devices — there is simply not room on my 8830 to keep a 500+ K app that provides no day to day use to me. Hopefully, this will no longer be an issue once Verizon releases the 9630, but I cannot bank on that release coming anytime soon.

      When YouMail first started distributing via App World, you personally stated that YouMail would continue to provide direct OTA downloads as well. Is this no longer the case? Have you considered using some of the alternative BlackBerry distribution channels, such as the BerryReview Store and its partners?

    • Sorry Alex. That “unsupported phone” dog don’t hunt. Bold on AT&T with Obviously, your upload to “SAP World” isn’t correct. So I guess we have to live with old buggy code? That’s your answer?

      Great customer support Alex. That’s Sarcasm in case you can’t download that from SAP World either.

      Might as well turn it off I guess.

      • On the Bold not appearing: we’ve had lots and lots of Bold downloads yesterday and today, with under a dozen people reporting a problem.

        We’re investigating the issue and thanks to help from one of our users, we now think it’s restricted to a small subset of phones where the vendor ID (which carrier RIM sold the phone to) doesn’t match what AppWorld expects (e.g., the set of carriers we support).

        If you’ve got a BB in front of you, press alt+shift+h. Vendor ID is listed in there.

        We’re working on a solution for users that fall into this type of situation, as well as users who can’t have AppWorld on their phones.


        • Vendor ID: 1

        • I have a really weird situation at hand. I was on OS and I *was* able to use AppWorld to download the latest version of YouMail. However, I have since downgraded my OS to b/c .282 wasn’t playing nice with our BES.

          The odd part: now I can’t get the newest version of YouMail via AppWorld like I could before.

          My vendor ID is 102 and I have a BlackBerry 9000 (Bold) on the AT&T network.


  4. @Alex
    As you can see it is not only me who is a bit peeved at app world

  5. I have to agree. I remember YouMail long before it got hooked up with AppWorld (did a review last spring sometime) and I love it. However, I am not happy that it can only be accessed via AppWorld, because I cannot use that app on my BlackBerry. I really don’t see why YouMail can’t release OTA downloads directly to their existing users.

  6. If anyone’s interested…I found a download link via our Store…

    • Thanks, BerryReview, for making the older version available.

      We also have a newer version available at AppWorld that we believe fixes the issues that we’re reported to us (it’s still labeled .96.0 so to take advantage of it, you would need to uninstall/install).

      This should also now be available to a wider range of phones – the ones with the vendor id of 1.

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