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If a BlackBerry Pearl is Good Enough for a Spy…

burn-notice-blackberry I don’t usually have enough time to be watching TV but I am a fan of the Burn Notice show. There is something about the fast paced action and stuff blowing up that just captures my attention. Ghostshel pointed out to me that they recently had a ad spot (product placement) in the show where they were showing off the BlackBerry Pearl.

Now this makes me wonder. I have always wanted to own a James Bond Uberphone but sadly I have found that they do not exist (YET!). I have yet to find a phone or watch(Knight Rider) that lets me control my car. So maybe spies are just settling for BlackBerrys? If a regular spy warrants a Pearl who gets the Tour?

Let me know if you spot any other BlackBerrys in popular TV shows. I always get a kick out of it. Most of the TV shows have computers doing things that they never could in real life but this BlackBerry was real. I just love seeing them trying to portray hackers as using a really cool GUI to “hack” the firewall… 🙂 I wonder what they could make a BlackBerry do.

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  1. My favorite show Smallville the hot geeky girl always has a BlackBerry with her.

  2. On the show Fringe on Fox (sorry, season is over now, but you can find it on Hulu.) most of the FBI agents and specifically the main character Olivia use BlackBerry Curves. In one episode she even uses the GPS navigation on her Curve in a dash mounted holder as she races to a location.

  3. The new USA show Royal Pains graces us with the Berry. I thought it was funny that from the pilot to the second episode he upgraded to a Storm.

  4. The Unit
    They all use Berrys.

    The boss of The Unit uses a BlackBerry 8800.
    The team leader of The Unit uses a BlackBerry Bold.
    Team members of The Unit use BlackBerry Curve and Pearl devices.

  5. The Unit was in constant use of their Blackberrys. They were even used as satellite phones.

  6. On the new Showtime Show: Nurse Jackie; in the season premiere towards the beginning of the episode the berry gets an indirect diss. The doc is checking his phone and the patient states, “You should get an iPhone” to which he replies, “Really?”. As he says this he tilts the phone towards the screen and it is apparent that it is a BB Curve 8330 (I have one). It’s hard to say how to go on this. The verbiage amounts to a diss but the Berry gets screentime.

  7. In Criminal Minds most of the main characters use some berry, also in The Beast, they use the Pearl

  8. They were using a bb storm on law and order svu. The large screen was used to show suspects pics of the bodies during interrogation

  9. Not a TV show but the movie “The International” featured a BlackBerry Curve, looked like the 8320 to me.

  10. Not a TV show, XFiles, Scully have a Blackberry.

  11. The Pearl is good enough for anyone.

  12. On Super Natural, Sam has gone from using a Palm to having a Curve in the latest season(s).

    As mentioned above, on Royal Pains, the Hank uses a Storm.

  13. Chloe which is supposed to be WATCHTOWER in Smallville uses a pearl too…

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