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“BlackBerry Dolly” Knockoff BlackBerrys Being Reproduced in Vietnam?

blackberry-knockoffs-Vietnam This brings a whole new meaning to “Good Morning, Vietnam.” Josep sent me a link to an article on VietnameNet that really shocked me. I know there are knockoff iPhones, iPods, and others but I had yet to hear of a real knockoff BlackBerry.

It looks like BlackBerrys are getting their own knockoffs in Vietnam. A VietnamNet reporter followed a technician who assembled a 8320 out of $110 in parts. The device supposedly looks authentic except for a few case differences. They are planning on importing the components in bigger orders to lower the amount even more.

They are selling the devices for about $180-$225 with a 6 or 12 month warranty. The devices are sold as if they are grey market meaning they were not officially imported…

So now I am just hoping that the next BlackBerry I happen to pick up off eBay is actually made by RIM. I would be curious to know if the device actually loads the BlackBerry OS… Does it have a PIN# & IMEI? I guess they are just assembling the devices from spare parts so it is possible.

via VietnamNet

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  1. I didn’t think there were any BB knockoffs either until I bought my new BlueBerry Bold

  2. Vietnam isn’t the case, while the southern city of China that neighbors Hongkong — Shenzehn, that is where everything goes first. From the west Nanshan area all the way to the east North Huaqiang avenue there are thousands of small companies which rely on the most infamous “Shanzhai cellphones” (Copycatting phones) industry chain. Some specialize in cellphone case “redesigning”, some in motherboard supplying, some in UI designing based on yet another infamous daring technology – MTK solutions. The Knock off RIM products are just a tiny piece of the whole industry. There are a few things for sure:
    1. Yes those knock off blackberry devices do run RIM OS in the same way as those regular BB users’ beloved device do.
    2. China Mobile is the only legal corporate carrier in mainland China, and since this company has a deep government background it shows little to no passion to inport the RIM services to its customers due to the so called National Security Strategy. As a result, it restricts customers’ user agents so that RIM servers would never recongnize its customer’s cellphone properly; China Mobile only introduced the BES but no BIS or Pre Paid love.
    3. Those knock off blackberries are mainly be devided into 2 types: Thoes second hand blackberries in good conditions would be refurbished and be selled as the so called “second hand phone in brand new conditions”, however, those in real sh**ty conditions wil be disassembled and reassembled with used functional parts.

    4. There are 2 kinds of unlocked blackberries out there, those in higher prices are mainly be unlocked by unlock codes or hacking system, as they call it the “Soft Hacking” which can be used for bith BES and BIS; If you ever wanna purchase a blackberry with “low end” price, its gotta be the latter one, the “Hard Cracking”. In this way the cellphone sellers removed the devices’ information library, if you point out the help page on your device, you will see an ugly screen with weird IMEI digits and “FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF” code at the PIN row. Evidently it can not be used for BES OR BIS. (if there is any one)

    5. Up to 99% Chinese blackberry users just use their lovely handhelds as a regular phone with QWERTY keyboards. Shame on China Mobile for sure. So there is no Push Mail, no BBM, no PIN (even you use a brand new phone, there just has no service), no GTALK, no AIM, no Y!, no MSN… only edge (NOT EDGE). That’s why there are some companies out there offer the so called similar “Pull mail” services. (Shangmail, Berrymail just to name a few).

    Of course these blackberries are running OS 4.2, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, and even beta 4.7 and beta 5.0 the same way those North America and European and the rest of the world’s legit blackberries do. It’s just those knocking off phones can not fully enjoy the core love from RIM.

    As far as I know, the situation in Vietnam is just a small piece of cake, most of the second hand and refirbished blackberries come from Shenzhen’s underground factories and workshops. Shenzhen is where all the stories begin.

    You can’t blame the users, they are also dead end crackberry addicts, they just have no way to enjoy the love from RIM. The BES price is so absurd that few people are able to afford.

    And don’t worry, these knock off blackberries are mainly sold “domesticly” which means you can count on your next blackberry as usual.

    But now here comes the question: where do these knock off blackberries in Shenzhen come from?

    Well, don’t be childish or pretend to be blind. They are all smuggled from North America and the European black market. That does remind me the lyrics from Grand Theft Auto IV: (Presents by gangster Isabella) “Everyone is rat!”

  3. Say It Your Way…….



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