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BerryRecord: Record Voice Notes While on a Call – Storm Only

BerryRecord Kelly let me know about this interesting new application for the Storm. Many users are pissed off that they cannot record calls on their BlackBerry. I know it is illegal without notifying the other party but as far as I know that is only if you want to admit it into court. What happens if you just want to record the directions to your friends party or the shopping list that your wife rattles off?

BerryRecord by BerryWAV is a bit of a hack solution but it does help slightly. IT DOES NOT RECORD YOUR CALL but it does let you record a voice note while you are on a call through the menu on the call screen. You just click menu->record voice note and to stop you select menu->stop recording. It seems to only work on the Storm right now.

I guess this at least gives you the option to record your own voice quickly since the built in voice recorder will not work while you are on a call. You can find it in the store for a cool $2 at this link.

I just wish RIM would let developers do this since the legalities are not their business. This would be like disabling email images since some of them may contain illegal uses of copyrighted images. Some states only require one party to be aware of the recording and others require both. Other countries have totally different laws. What I don’t get it why RIM will not open up the API for developers if they are not willing to develop such an app themselves. My only explanation is that they might fear a malicious application that records your calls without your consent…

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  1. If there concerned with the legality of recording a phone call it is only in some states. Like N.Y. only one person in the conversation needs to know the call is being recorded contrary to popular belief. And is some areas for you to mute the shutter sound on a camera phone is also illegal (or so that I have read that in my local news paper) but they have apps to do that. Besides so what is you can’t use it in court as long as you are using it for personal reference what’s the big deal. Not to mention things are being done more on a interstate level rules like that are being dismissed. Actually a lot of companies record all phone calls in and out with no disclaimer like large banks and finaial institutions. I would love an app that allows me to record some of my phone conversation with out the need to carry extra devices & gear to do that. (note it can be done but you need a recorder and a wired headset)

  2. Actually in most states it is legal to record a call if one party in the call gives consent.
    It does vary from state to state, but I know in Florida and Nebraska it is legal.

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