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HOT! Wi-Fi File Transfer: Wirelessly Copy Files to and from Your BlackBerry

NOTE: This is currently only available for the Bold but other Wi-Fi BlackBerry support is coming soon!

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Gideon let me know about a new app they have just developed. The app is called Wi-Fi File Transfer and is a great solution that I am surprised nobody thought of before. It simply lets you browse your BlackBerrys file system over Wi-Fi and copy, paste, add, remove and rename files back and forth just using your computers browser. This essentially means you do not need media manager and desktop manager just to copy a new MP3. I am not sure about the security but the idea is pretty slick! This combined with a assigned static DHCP address could give you easy access to your device when you are home.

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They do have a free lite version but I am not sure what features it is missing. Right now the full version is going for $9.99 which is not bad considering other apps in the category.

From the description:

Wi-Fi File Transfer for BlackBerry allows the transfer of files from a PC or Mac directly to your BlackBerry over Wi-Fi using your browser. No need for Desktop Manager, Media Manager, USB drivers or any other 3rd party applications: Just a BlackBerry Bold, PC/Mac with browser and a Wi-Fi network.

What you need:

  • A BlackBerry Bold with Wi-Fi File Transfer installed. (Wi-Fi File Transfer is currently only available for the BlackBerry Bold)
  • A PC or Mac with browser
  • A Wi-Fi network.

Get Started:

  • Make sure your device and PC or Mac are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Start “Wi-Fi File Transfer” on the device. An IP address will be shown.
  • Type this IP address into the PC or Mac browser and start browsing your BlackBerry! Upload and download files directly from the browser.


  • View the BlackBerry file system from the browser and transfer any files to and from device internal memory (900Mb for BOLD) or SD card. Turn your BlackBerry into a memory stick!
  • Upload movies, pictures and music directly to your BlackBerry and view them with the BlackBerry device Media Player.
  • View and play pictures, music, PDF files etc. stored on your BlackBerry straight from the browser.
  • Browse, rename, delete, and create new folders on the BlackBerry from either the browser or the device application itself.
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  1. Brilliant. Does exactly what it says. So useful.

  2. You can do this with ORB for free

  3. why is the free download link greyed out for the lite version? how do i download the lite version??

  4. If you go to their website chocolatechunkapps dot com you can download the lite version.

  5. amazing. it doesnt seem like this should be possible on a blackberry.

  6. Also , if you forward port 80 to your bb on your router you can acess it off site if its in wifi range.

  7. The lite version has Delete, Rename and Create Dir disabled.

    Even so, a very cool little app.

  8. To quote the site:

    What is the difference between the Full Version and the Lite Version?

    The Lite Version allows you to browse the BlackBerry file system and download files from mobile to PC.

    Features missing are: PC to mobile file transfer, file renaming/deletion/folder creation and detailed settings.

  9. Anyone else getting this error on OTA download?

    907 Invalid COD
    Unable to import ZIP file

    This is for the full paid version.

  10. do i need a router between my mobile device and the pc? if true, i coulnd’t transfer files when i’m at work, for example?
    Is it true that this app doesn’t work with my curve 8900?
    thx for help

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