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HipVoice – Push-To-Talk For BlackBerry, Regardless of Carrier

1Now anyone with a BlackBerry, regardless of their carrier, can get Push-To-Talk on their device.

Introducing HipVoice…Push-To-Talk. Any Network. Any Device.

“We want the BlackBerry community to be empowered with software that enables their devices to Push-To-Talk all over the world!” – Darius Gandhi, VP of Business Development.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Darius from the start (along with my Berryreview teammates) on their beta and I can attest that the HipVoice team have been very dedicated to developing an application that would revolutionize Push-To-Talk as we know it. Basically, HipVoice allows anyone to utilize Push-To-Talk features on their device, no matter what carrier they are using (BIS or BES) …no matter where they are in the world.

In our beta testing, we used this application across the globe from the Western part of the U.S. to the Eastern part of the world (Australia) and many of us on all different types of carriers…and with the exception of a little delay, HipVoice worked like a charm. This is because HipVoice uses data to transport voice messages (hence the short delay) but this also allows them to keep the cost down to $10.00 a month. HipVoice will work for any company of any size. Whether your a mom-and-pop company of 3 or an international corporation of 1000 or more, HipVoice is an affordable way to keep in touch with your co-workers, colleagues and employees.

HipVoice is simple to set up and simple to use. It takes approximately 3 minutes from download to log in to use. The sound quality is also unbeatable. Very clear and without interruption. The ability to review past sent and received PTTs is a very nice feature to have.  Also, users can view who is logged on and choose who will receive their messages. For example: if you have 10 people on your team and only want 5 to receive a message you would just choose those 5 and no one else would hear the message but them.

Darius and the rest of the amazing team at HipVoice have been working like mad trying to get HipVoice off the ground and running and the team at BerryReview can confirm the amazing service that they are providing. Any company that utilizes HipVoice will not be disappointed in their quality or their customer service. They have worked so hard for so long now it’s time for the rest of the world to enjoy their service.

There is a trial version of HipVoice that you use for 7 days. Just go to this link to get more info or sign up below using this form.

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  1. Did anyone on the team try it on a Storm? Comments?

  2. I have a Storm & it works beautifully.

  3. I think this is stupid. Your have bbm that does this and palringo has PTT too. Both are free. 10 bucks a month is steep for this app! Then you have to sell this to your friends so you can talk to them.Do you really think your friends are up to dishing out another 10 dollars a month.

  4. How is it different than Send Voice through BlackBerry Messenger ?

  5. Does it work for blackberry pearl 8100?

  6. As everyone else said: I don’t get it – BBM voice notes are free, everyone already has it. Why would I buy HipVoice?

  7. Well, some folks want the immediacy of the “walkie talkie” style of communication popularized by Nextel. Go look at the phones the various carriers offer with PTT capability. Pretty sparse.

    I agree though, for the average consumer this is a steep price to pay for a capability that can be ALMOST had for free. For a business that has scads of BlackBerry deployed this could be really cool if there’s bulk licensing available. Lot’s of people want BlackBerry models and carrier coverage beyond the 8350i that Nextel offers on iDEN.

  8. Ah, ok – I’ve read the website, the post neglects to mention it actually works between different OS’s – ie WinMo, BB, Sybian etc.. So if that is a requirement then I guess it would be a good solution.

  9. BBM is not convenient for voice messaging at all. We don’t even have a keyboard shortcut to do that. We have to pull the menu open, scroll down to “Send voice note” and click. Then there is a very strict time limit. Finally, press “Send”. HipVoice has none of that, you just press the PTT button, speak and release it. And the time limit is a lot longer.

    Also, you can have groups in HipVoice. Several people may take part in a conversation.

    Availability on multiple platforms is also quite an advantage.

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