Demo Maker: On Device Screen Video Recording Utility

demomaker ToySoft let me know about their latest application called Demo Maker. It essentially lets you record a video of your BlackBerry screen into a single JPG frame. You then use their accompanying desktop app to convert the motion JPG into an AVI file. It can record practically all the screens except when you are playing video or using the camera. It also has the cool ability to capture multiple screenshots and keeps saving them until the limit you tell it. You just give it a time lapse like 30 seconds between screenshots.

I guess you could always use a video camera to record the screen but that does not look so pretty. Also you could use the free desktop utility BBScreenShooter but that requires you to be tethered to a PC and does not always work so well in my experience. Still Demo Maker is the first on device app of its kind and it works with OS 4.2 and higher which is impressive. The app is available now for $2.95 on sale from $4.95 until June 30th.

Features from the description:

  • Very Configurable
  • Save each screen shot to JPG format. No conversion required
  • Save directly to SD Card
  • Set maximum frames to record. Up to 99999 frames
  • set the quality of JPG to save
  • Have a Intro and Credit screens like like the real DEMO
  • Create movie in AVI or MPEG4 format using desktop application
  • No additional hardware is required

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