Premium ‘Scrabble’ & ‘Letters’ Themes from idberry

Thanks to our mutual use of Facebook, Deddy over at idberry keeps me regularly informed of new themes the team has put together. In total, I believe there’s about 5, but for this space sake I am reviewing 2 of them…but they’re my 2 favorite.

First, there’s Scrabble. Now, first glance you may think this is just an ordinary theme with the words ‘Blackberry Addict’ spelled out with Scrabble letters. But it’s not. On the main page you have a bottom dock of 7 icons. They are not customizable. They are your ‘messages’, ‘sms’, ‘calendar’, ‘browser’, ‘media’, ‘memo pad’ & ‘search’ icons.



The reason they probably can’t be customizable is because as you scroll over each icon the name of the application you have highlighted suddenly appears spelled out in Scrabble letters on the home page. It’s a really neat feature that I am probably not explaining very well…perhaps the screen shot to the right will give you a better idea.

Now, without a doubt, Scrabble fans owning a BlackBerry will probably adore this theme but even if you aren’t a big fan of the popular board game, you won’t be able to deny the uniqueness of this theme. Scrabble worked like a charm on my Bold. Available for the 8900 & 9000, Scrabble costs $5.99 at our Berryreview Store.


I’d also like to point out their Letters theme with its very cool looking graphics. A bit more simplistic in style Letters uses the letters of the word BlackBerry (along with the BlackBerry logo) as a bottom dock. Each letter is a customizable icon (the first 11 icons on your app page) that when you scroll over, the name of the app you chose for it shows up on the screen. It’s an interesting design that works so effortlessly, I am still using it now…and it’s going on more than a few days, which is long for me to keep a theme 😉

Letters cost $6.99 and, from what I can tell, is available for the 8900, 9000 & 9500 in the Berryreview Store.

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