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Rumor: Did RIM Buy Dash Navigation? If so that would be awesome!

dash-navigation I am definitely filing this in the rumor area but the latest spin on the web is that RIM purchased Dash Navigation. I thought it would be worth mentioning just for starting a conversation about how RIM could improve GPS on the BlackBerry. Dash is known for their game changing GPS device that was always connected to the internet. The problem was that not enough people bought it so they discontinued it and wanted to focus on software for other hardware vendors.

I was planning on buying a Dash myself back in their heyday but decided against it for the monthly subscription fee. On the other hand they had really cool features like traffic updates from other Dash devices that were networked together. If RIM purchased them this could mean that BlackBerry Maps is in for a huge overhaul!

On the other hand I find it hard to believe that RIM would purchase them since RIM is all about making carriers happy. Carriers love their premium priced navigation systems like TeleNav and Verizon Nav and would really be pissed if RIM started competing with their $10/month services (that suck).

Who knows RIM might just grow some balls and stick it to the carriers while giving their customers a better GPS solution! Now if only they would finally roll out visual voicemail…

via GPSBusinessNews & BoyGenius

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  1. Or RIM will simply sell it to carriers for them to resell to consumers and make a profit on it just like they do now. You didn’t think the carriers rolled their own navigation app and service, did you? They’re simply reselling the products and services of Networks in Motion and TeleNav with customizations for their network. There’s no reason RIM couldn’t do the same thing, but with a much better BlackBerry user experience.

  2. RIM just responded to me and confirmed that they did purchase Dash

  3. I think it was an excellent move on RIM’s part. I use VZ Navigator on my Curve, and I think navigation on cell phones is becoming a fast growing area in the mobile world. I know I wouldn’t be without it. And I bet RIM and Dash come up with the some pretty cool navigation solutions for our BlackBerries.

  4. I so wanted a Dash for the “networked” aspects, then I changed employer and started working from home and couldn’t justify the price when I’m not in rush hour traffic to get the benefit.

    I think RIM is at a crossroads with LBS. Almost all their devices now have GPS, and this gives app developers a wide target audience. Combine that with carriers loosening their GPS restrictions. I too hope RIM has the stones to stand up to the carriers, heck, maybe we are already seeing that with the Storm? So anyway, RIM has to decide if they want to really push the “BlackBerry” brand and make their platform MORE carrier independent, or become just another maker of devices such as an HTC. Evidence is the former, so let’s keep our fingers crossed!!

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