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RIM Confirms Dash Navigation Acquisition – Oh Goody!

dash-navigationWe mentioned the rumor earlier today that RIM had acquired Dash Navigation. I just heard back from RIM confirming the acquisition. So far they say they have no more details and that RIM does not usually release anything about acquisitions of this size. I am not sure exactly what that means but this is still some pretty big news in my opinion.

The only problem is that this quiet acquisition raises more questions than answers:

  1. Will we finally get an on-device GPS solution for BlackBerry? I hate having to wait for maps to load!!! I already have a mostly empty MicroSD card which would be perfect for the job.
  2. Will RIM plan on incorporating the Dash connected GPS experience on the BlackBerry? Hopefully that is a given but you never know. RIM might start their own line of push GPS devices for companies to track employees using fleet cars…
  3. Will BlackBerry Maps be left on the wayside and replaced by a new Dash based GPS solution? LBS (Location Based Services) are all the rage now so this would be a real game changer. Things like being able to plan a trip from you PC and send it to your BlackBerry would be slick!
  4. Will the Dash application be an add-on marketed to carriers just like AT&T and other carriers rebrand TeleNav?
  5. Will RIM continue the open source features of Dash that allow developers to easily create apps that build on the GPS experience? RIM has yet to ever do open source.

I really want to see if RIM can implement the cool traffic monitoring features that the Dash had. For example, if a few Dash users were on the freeway stuck in traffic they would report to my Dash to avoid that route.

So what do you want to see out of this acquisition?

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  1. For the love of everything replace BB Maps…

  2. Now this would be awesome to see RIM replace bb maps. Hoping it will be a free app.That sure would slap Telenat and others in the face for charging so more for there’§.

  3. I would LOVE on device maps. ESPECIALLY ones that are smart loaded (in Virginia I don’t need California maps on device, so intelligently choose but let me override).

    And an API that let’s other apps make calls to access those maps and mapping display. Since it is unlikely RIM would ever go the open source route a full and open maps/mapping API opens up all sorts of developer options.

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