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NetworkAcc: A Mobile Network Speed Accelerator App???

networkacc_box_171-195 I have a bad feeling about all these kinds of apps. Back in the day I remember a friend of mine bought a memory booster app for his BlackBerry and all it did was call the regular Java garbage cleaning function that any app can do. I remember similar apps pushed back during Windows 95 that “boosted” your memory and got sued into oblivion.

The company behind MemoryUp (Mobile RAM Booster), eMobiStudio, has now released NetworkAcc which supposedly speeds up the data transferring in and out of your BlackBerry. This smells extremely fishy but I thought I would mention it to see if anybody has tried it. Offering the app for $8.99 with no free trial really makes me question the claims of the app that supposedly does:

By analyzing smartphone system and mobile network settings, NetworkAcc allows users to fine-tune key network parameters to achieve optimal network performance out of current hardware. It runs in the background and automatically accelerates mobile network speed without requiring users to understand a bunch of network jargons.

They go even farther by saying:

“By default, most mobile network connections for Smartphone and BlackBerry system are not configured to transfer data at their maximum or their most efficient speed,” said eMobiStudio CEO, Robert Lee. “Our software will analyze and optimize your mobile browser and network connection for speedy downloads, faster web-content loading, and an overall improvement on web surfing speed.”

I am definitely going to give this a spin just to see what the hell they are talking about but you never know it may just work! On the other hand for $8.99 with no free trial I doubt anybody will bother trying…

So what do you think?

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  1. Rubbish imo…it’s like applications that promise to free up your memory.

    The logic is simply failing on me, I’ll never understand how downloading and installing ANOTHER application, that uses memory and runs in the back ground is supposed to help reduce memory are adding to your memory loss by using said app..

    I’m no fool, I know they can temporarily clean garbage files or what ever, but their is nothing that, that application is doing that your device does not already it just may take extra steps to get there. Nothing that justifies the cost of these apps.

    This application is no different, it’s gonna do nothing but take your $9 and leave wondering wth it does, lol

  2. I’m glad you wrote this up Ronen and your take looks like mine was when I sent it in. Sounds too good to be true. And optimizing what RIM already optimizes before its sent to your BlackBerry browser? I’m highly skeptical as I remember too the memory scams of the 90’s.

  3. The company should change their name to Snake Oil Inc..

  4. What was that memory app from the 90s called? Memory booster?

  5. If it worked, they’d give a free trial.

  6. I downloaded it last night and so far it lives up to all it’s claims! My internet is at least 3 times faster. I believe it’s called overclocking and it definitely works. I do not know if is “health” for your phone but it works great. My programs also respond much faster, mostly programs that connect to the internet. So far I’m loving it!

  7. Probably an overclocking app. USed to be popular on the Palm Pilots. If this is one of those, you have to be real careful based upon your hardware, etc. Since there appear to be no configurable options fo rthis app, buyer beware because this *MAY* hose your device by causing it to overheat.

    A free trial would be essential to evaluate this app. I would not pay for this up-front.

  8. They also make a program called MemoryUp. Do the math, folks.

  9. All these years with a BlackBerry and I’ve never heard of being able to overclock the processor. Now suddenly some unknown company has figured out how? And their app hasn’t been provided free to all the ‘berry sites for review? Is that carp we smell?

    • Gotta agree with DavidB – Overclocking would require hardware access which would require an API that allows that. I’ve never heard of any API like that for the Blackberry. Given how security minded and protective of battery life they are I doubt they’d ever put one out either.

  10. Wouldn’t this application require the ability for a 3rd party app to view all the traffic in and out of your blackberry? Otherwise how could they optimize it? I doubt rim allows that…

  11. I think it just changes the numbers on your Status screen but doesn’t actually do anything.

  12. I have been use their applications for years and they really work for my BB. This time this NetworkAcc app is also something I want to commend. It does what it says. My network connection is much more stable and responsible than ever.

  13. Yes, I am a customer of eMobiStudio. Their apps work for me and their customer service is the best I ever see.

    • Yes, it does work for me. Couldn’t agree more, once contact their customer service, got hospitable and considerate service. Plus, NetworkAcc itself is magnificent too.

  14. eMobiStudio = Wonderful product and good customer service. Highly recommend!

  15. Tried both this product and MemoryUP Pro and if anything they slowed down my storm. I also notice a trend here with positive reviews that seem to always mention what great customer service the company has- this leads me to believe that all these reviews are fake.

    Save yourself the money- these apps aren’t worth anything and completely useless- harmful.

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