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Verizon Starts Absorbing Alltel Customers & Stores – Central Virginia Goes First

Automatons Since Verizon purchased Alltel back in January they have been working on integrating the two networks. They have also started switching over the billing systems and now they are finally starting to absorb the new customers into the Verizon brand. They have started with subscribers in Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Madison Heights, Martinsville and South Boston, Va. this weekend and it looks like it will keep rolling from there.

Hopefully this means the end of limbo for Alltel customers though I am still curious about what is going to happen to those divested markets…

So has Verizon converted your Alltel account/store yet? Thanks DavidB for sending this one in!

From the press release at this link

The former Alltel locations in Central Virginia which have been converted to Verizon Wireless Communications stores are located at:

  • 874 Rio East Court, Charlottesville (434-973-8531)
  • 100 River Bend Drive, Charlottesville (434-293-3216)
  • 3919 Wards Road, Lynchburg (434-237-1729)
  • 21039 Timberlake Road, Lynchburg (434-832-0378)
  • 308 Amelon Square Center, Madison Heights (434-929-1248)
  • 294 W. Commonwealth Blvd., Martinsville (276-666-0818)
  • 4120 Halifax Rd., South Boston (434-575-5250)
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  1. man it cant come soon enough. i have the 8830 and want a new bb but alltel hasnt put anything new out for about 411 years…so i wait and wait some more.
    im in kansas and knowing my luck, i will be the last on the list of the last cities in the last state. the customer service in my town SUCKS bad! i hope the big red V will shake the people up or fire them.

  2. I am in C’ville. Lost my Blackberry email and internet during the conversion Sunday when Vzw set up my account minus my 16-month old data plan. Five calls and three-plus hours of on-phone “support” later, all is well.

    BTW, the magic solution was, of course, the last call which only took six minutes. A sharp tech named Mark finally figured out that the re-established data plan had not been properly “provisioned” on the RIM network even though the new Vzw acct now showed my data plan. One minute after hitting the switch, the emails came flooding thru!

    • Update: An hour after posting this comment via my Blackberry, email and internet are now down (at least for my Blackberry on the “Allizon” / “VerTel” network).


  3. A pictured of the Borg cube would have gone well with this article… 😉

    So, didn’t we see word a couple weeks back that ATT was picking up the divested markets and Verizon was getting a bunch of rural ATT customers plus cash in exchange? Could of swore I read that somewhere (BG, Fierce, IntoMobile, Engadget, somewhere…).

    • You didnt like my sad robots… 🙁

    • There are some markets where Verizon could not acquire Alltel customers for anti-trust reasons. And, like you, I recall seeing that a deal with AT&T was imminent. Though I don’t know if it was consummated.

      Prepare to be assimilated!

      • Found it:

        “We suppose you could think of AT&T and Verizon as football teams and wireless markets as high-priced players, because a few of ’em just got traded like the athletic pieces of meat that they are. It’s no secret that Verizon had to offload some markets to satisfy government requirements following its Alltel buy, and AT&T has now agreed in principle to pick up about 1.5 million subscribers’ worth of spectrum and equipment in 79 market areas — mostly rural — for some $2.35 billion in cash. In the other direction, Verizon will be cutting AT&T a check for $240 million in exchange for about 120,000 subs in five legacy Centennial markets — contingent, of course, on the successful completion of AT&T’s purchase of Centennial. Interesting moves, but it’ll be even more interesting to see which move leads its team to the playoffs… er, you know what we mean.

        Read – AT&T agrees to acquire divestiture properties from Verizon
        Read – Verizon acquires certain Centennial Wireless properties from AT&T”

  4. Personally, I am not happy at all about this transition process. We have been when Alltel/360 Communications since 1992 and I have a feeling that we won’t be on Verizon very long. In my opinion Alltel was the best of both worlds in the wireless space. Value priced plans with great flexibility and awesome service to go along with it. But honestly I am not willing to pay the higher fees associated with Verizon because I don’t think it worth paying extra money for the same thing I had with Verizon for less. So I will either have to buy my phones outright going forward or I will need to switch carriers. We shall see.


  6. Helpful article. Here’s another post that Alltel customers should check out:

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