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Review: BerryBuzz LED notification application.

options3Review: BerryBuzz LED notification application.
$5.95 with a 7-day free trial

Hello BerryReview readers. Welcome to my extensive review of BerryBuzz LED notification App.  This app is a great little utility that lets you customize the LED and reminders for quite a few situations. The LED has always been one of the strong suits of the BlackBerry OS letting you know when to check it but BerryBuzz lets you take that one step further.

First off let’s start off with the install. The download is small 35KBs and took no time at all, same with installation. My device did not need a reboot after install (which I like).


  • Customize the LED color and set an individual repeating alert for
  • – E-Mails (individual for each account or one for all)
  • – PIN Messages (sent via the default e-mail messaging application)
  • – SMS
  • – Calendar Events
  • – Missed phone calls
  • When multiple alerts are active at the same time, every color will flash in a repeating pattern.
  • Customizable rapid flashing LED for incoming phone calls
  • Customizable vibrate for incoming calls. Vibrates while ringing.
  • LED will keep flashing until acknowledged (BlackBerry defaults to flash only for 15 min).
  • Optional slow down of LED flashing after specified time to save battery life
  • Optimized for minimum battery and memory usage
  • Support for instango custom colored LED (instango 2.2.83 or higher)

After installation, there is an Icon that will appear on your home screen, but you can hide this Icon as when you click to open it, it comes up with a prompt that says to go into your Options and then BerryBuzz to change all settings. I wish instead of it having the prompt it bring you right to that section of your options but that may be an API restriction in the BlackBerry Operating System.


From that Icon navigate yourself to the Options, and near the top, you find BerryBuzz, click it which brings you right into the application. Painless in my opinion.


Once you are in the options of the application you can start going at it. First you need to enable to the application. Simply click and scroll down to say yes (which should be a given, as you installed it so obviously you want it to be enabled). Then you get into the different options of when you want the application to change, for E-Mail, PIN, Calendar, SMS (Text messages), and Missed calls. One feature I like is if you have multiple email address you can either individually change the colors or set it for all. I personally have the same color for all but the choice is yours, which is what I like a lot.

Now the difference between all the color options is minor. You can choose between White, Red, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Purple, Orange, and Yellow. Then you can choose all the same as the above but in a “brighter” setting. It’s actually isn’t that noticeable, but I have all mine set to bright.

One nice feature that is included with the application is you can also have the device ring and vibrate at the same time along with a different color LED flashing when an incoming call is well incoming. I chose to have the LED flash fast and bright white. Which is very nice when I am sitting in a meeting and I have my phone on vibrate I can look at the LED and see it’s an incoming call and not another email or SMS. In which case I can excuse myself from the meeting and take the call instead of missing it.

As you can see you can change how often the LED flashes for the incoming calls. The options are 0.25secs, 0.50secs, 1secs, 2secs, 3secs, 4secs, and 5secs. I personally use the 0.5secs as it will attract attention to it right away.

Another nice feature is that you can have the application remind you that you have a notification waiting for you. It can be set to remind you every 60secs, 2mins, 5mins, 10mins, 15mins, 20mins, 30mins, and 60mins.

After all that is said and done, and you have changed all your LED colors to what you like and such you are then directed to go into your profiles, to set up the audible reminders for the missed notifications. This is one thing I like, a button that brings you right where you need to go, instead of having to exit the application and having to go there manually.

Obviously here, everything is self explanatory and you just change the options to what you want it to do when that reminder time comes up.

Here is a quick video of how the application changes the LED on a device:


  • Cheap!
  • 7 day trial before you buy.
  • Lets you see what’s going on from your holster or from across the room.
  • Can customize everything from all your emails (together or separate) to SMS, incoming calls alerts.
  • Vibrate and ring.
  • Easy to set up UI.
  • Lots of options to make it work for you the way you want it to work.
  • Works flawlessly


  • When clicking the icon doesn’t bring you straight to the application.
  • Wish there was more options for notifications for 3rd party apps, like Facebook, Windows Live Messenger etc.

And that’s it for now Folks! Stay tuned for more Reviews from me and let me know if there is anything I missed or could improve on.

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  1. I actually purchased and installed this app on my 8330 last week and it’s a great application.

    Coworkers have already started asking, “how did you get your light to flash blue”!

    I agree that I wish the icon took you into the options instead of prompting you to go into the BB options, but other than that, no issues here!

  2. BerryBuzz + BerryPopup = win

  3. BBAlerts could be setup NOT to flash at certain times of the day…

    Can this also be achieved with BerryBuzz??? Or will the LED continually flash throughout the night??

    • PDM, you can choose for the flash of the LED to show down after a certain amount of time… so say after 2 hours you still haven’t responded to the notification, it will slow down the flashing of the LED. There is no option for it to stop flashing after a certain time, but you can have it slow down to reduce battery drain on it.

      • It’s a shame that you can’t disable the LED flashing whilst you’re asleep. With the e-mail, pins etc arriving from e.g. California which is 9 hours behind me… It’ll be like a disco lights within my bedroom (fast and then slow after a predefined time).

        Shame – perhaps they’ll address it in a future release.

        • Send them an e-mail. They went through a beta process on some of the BlackBerry fan sites and seem interested in improving their applications and open to suggestions.

  4. I’ve had this app for a while and love it. My only issue is that I haven’t gotten it to work with BB messenger. Has anyone else figured out how to do it?

    • None of these apps can enable LED flashing for BBM (nor do they advertise to do so).

      Although they all do work with PIN Messages (which show up in your Messages app).

  5. So there’s no way to make ur own colors ?! Pink HAS to be a notification color

  6. Dude where’d you get that theme I need that

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