Won’t You Be My Friend? Facebook Thinks 94 is Not Enough…

bemyfriend Since I installed the newer version of Facebook on my BlackBerry a few months back I have been running into this annoying notification. Every week or two Facebook will send me this message:

Subject: Find Friends
You have successfully connected your Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones Application with Facebook.
Follow the link below to find friends:
(link cut out)
The Facebook Team

I find this kind of insulting. I have clicked on the link several times when I have received it in the past and now have 94 friends based on my more conservative definition of a friend. I think even that number is inflated with people I do not know very well but I guess that is the beauty of Facebook. The funny part is that the only reason I signed up for a Facebook account was to test out the BlackBerry app.

So in the hopes of getting Facebook to stop spamming me and artificially lowering my self esteem – Won’t you be my friend? (My Facebook Profile) Or join the super secret BerryReview Facebook group. 🙂

PS: No that is not a picture of me… I just really had to restrain myself from putting up Mister Rogers.

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  1. Argggh! I’ve been annoyed by this as well, this morning even. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one.

    Its ridiculous that I can’t find a way to turn this off, nor a way to contact FB about it. Has anyone had any luck getting this turned off?

    • So far i have not received an alert from FB like that…did you check your preferences with regards notices to be sent to your phone? Am not sure that will help but mine is not set to sending me alerts. I manually download anytime i want to check my facebook on my bb.

  2. I had these notifications soon after installing the newer FB app, and they stopped on their own (I don’t think I did anything at least). Yesterday I updated my 8830 to the Telus .160, and it started again. Awesome.


  3. Um did u notice this only happens when u add a number?
    When I add a person on my contact list facebook automatily connects the contact to the facebook person with maching number.
    And then u get this message from facebook

  4. It’s because you have FB set to check your contacts with FB friends list and the FB servers, it’s stating that you have some people in your phonebook who are on facebook.com and wonders if you would like to add them to your friends. To turn it off, turn off the FB contact list check in options.

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