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Storm & Bold Get Bicycle Mounts Courtesy of USBFever

bike_mount_blackberry I am really trying to wrap my mind around how exactly these would be used but I had to mention them. USBFever let me know that they have released custom bicycle mounts for the Bold and Storm so that you can have your Berry in front of you while cycling.

I guess you could have Google Maps as a heads up display of where you are going but I cannot imagine typing or using your device while biking. It just sounds dangerous! At $11.99 each these are pretty cheap so I guess if you are an avid biker this is made to order but personally I think a belt holster would do just as well…

Check out the mounts at the links below:

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  1. I’m not a biker, but I could see the usefullness in this. I’m a runner, and the leather belt clip was a bit irritating when I was jogging around time, and I bought an armband for one of the original iPods, and cut a little hole for the headphone jack to make it fit my 8830. I would imagine it would feel uncomfortable while biking too, or maybe someone wants to watch YouTube while cycling through downtown 😉

  2. As if those messengers in manhattan need another reason to run into me…

  3. So you’re saying I shouldn’t attach this to my car steering wheel and try to read my Bold while driving…

  4. Not only could it be uncomfortable to wear a holster while cycling, but you could also have the holster fall off and get your beloved Blackberry damaged. Great idea to have the device on the bars, can see who is now calling instead of just answering blindly.

  5. Come on R, people talk and text while driving a car, a FAR more dangerous proposition!

    That said, I CAN see the usefulness of this for GPS while biking, especially on long rides. I question if any current nav apps support routing via bike trails though.

    Plus, don’t people use PMP’s while riding? So to the extent you can rock out to your Bold or Storm, yeah this would help a lot.

  6. Yeah but wouldn’t your headphones get all tangled in the handlebars…

  7. A GPS is very useful when biking, especially the ‘back-track’
    Feature if you get lost. It is also very useful for Geocachers
    As it let’s them use their GPS to search while riding.

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