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Pinwall – Slick On-Device Social Network for BlackBerry Users

Pinwall let me know that they have just released a new on-device social network for BlackBerry users. Their social network is built around a BlackBerry application they created which is free. The app is a bit heavy at ~500kb but it looks really nice! So far other social networks dedicated to the BlackBerry have failed but maybe this new interface will succeed. Right now it looks like they have a catch-22 where users will only truly use the network if their friends are on it but their friends will not sign up unless they have somebody to connect with… Maybe if they offer some sort of promotion for signing up like a few free devices this might convince those critical early adopters to sign up.

pinwall_contacts pinwall_friends pinwall_im

Pinwall allows you to:

  • Upload your personal/business profile and picture, directly from your mobile device.
  • Search, find and contact new people.
  • Be found and get contacted by others, via Blackberry.
  • Get to know new people (and share your BB PIN).

You can download their app OTA at or read more on their website at

I wish Pinwall the best of luck. They really did a great job with this app and it looks promising. You can find me on there by searching for Ronen Halevy!

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  1. The 1.0 app isn’t Storm aware or even remotely friendly to the Storm. With or without compatibility enabled. Was worse with enabled (which was it’s default when installed).

  2. Thanks Ronen for the post. We are working on the app so we can bring new services.

    DavidB, if you can help us with some screenshots, we will look for the problem as soon as posible. You can contact us at

  3. @Francisco:
    I don’t have a screenshot program, and honestly I think I would have to send so many to describe all the user interface issues on the Storm that I’d be screenshooting for hours. Practically every screen in the app is unfriendly to the Storm, in portrait OR landscape mode.

    I’m not sure how good the device simulator for Storm is in the developer tools, but do you have the JDE 4.7 tools? I’m no developer so I’m not sure what the official name of the package or version number that has a proper Storm simulator in it. I think you guys need to run your app through that simulator, or get a real Storm (better). Even the most minor of things such as where the Back/Next is displayed in the bottom left corner of the initial setup screen is maddeningly hard for anyone with anything but the most petit of fingers.

    Oh, while I’m at it, I think perhaps you should not be revealing date of birth in your people search. I suspect Ronen didn’t need me (or anyone else for that matter) seeing his birthday (real or made up) before he’s even accepted my “friend request”. That sort of info should probably be hidden at LEAST until someone approves you to be their Pinwall friend!

  4. Confuse

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