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e-Mobile Email…another way to get email on your BlackBerry

mainI noticed in our store the other day a new application by e-Mobile Software called, e-Mobile Email. Although I’m not too big of a fan of their e-Mobile Today application, this app sounded interesting so I thought I’d give it a try. In a nutshell, it’s another way to view and manage your emails on your BlackBerry. I’m not going to call this a ‘review’ as I am still playing around with this app but I will give a few ideas as to how it is working in case you had contemplated buying it.

Firstly, e-Mobile is without a doubt, a nice looking application. Upon opening up it’s own separate ‘message’ icon, you are basically looking at your email the same way you would if you had MS Outlook. Emails can be sorted by sender, subject or the way most probably view them, by date. Emails viewed by date are separated via folders that you can expand or collapse with one click. You also have the option of viewing emails in either a ‘list’ format or a ‘list & preview’ format, much the way you would in Outlook. I personally like how you can customize the font type and sizes as well as choosing background colors if you like. Makes it more personalized.

There’s also the ‘template’ feature which allows you to set-up email templates for quicker responses. Once you have your templates set up, this is a very nice feature to use. The other option you have is creating folders to place your appropriate emails. I noticed right away that my ‘saved’ messages did not come up in a ‘saved’ folder (like that of my default email), I had to set that up myself but it’s fairly easy to do and you can add new folders as you like. e-Mobile claims that users are able to delete emails without having to open them but initially, I could not see this option as when I highlighted an emai7l and pressed the ‘menu’ button, no delete option appeared. I was able to delete the email once I opened it but noticed that there was no prompt (ie, do you want to delete this email?)…it just deleted it, so I had to be careful. However, after some playing around, I found you can press the ‘del’ button on your keyboard without opening the email and in this case, it does prompt a delete. e-Mobile also claims that you are able to delete multiple emails at a time (like your default email) but I have yet to find the option to do this. Perhaps they need to come out with a manual.

Another issue I found is that I cannot actually open attachments that come in emails. I’m not sure why, but I am looking into it. Since you are able to keep your default email along side of e-Mobile’s email this is not a major issue but definitely an annoyance. And that sort of kills the idea of this whole app, at least IMO. I mean if you can’t have a fully working email, why have the app? There’s also an email preview pop-up whenever a new email comes in – another ‘feature’ I find annoying which I am trying to find way to turn off – but I suppose some people would like that.

All in all (so far) e-Mobile Email, while a nice idea and attractive application, really is missing the mark on some features. Some of you may love it, but for $24.95, I think it is lacking. Maybe wait until they’ve come up with some upgrades to tweak existing issues. In the meantime, I’m gonna play with this app a bit more and continue to see how it works…and if it’s worth keeping on my Berry.

More information (screen shots, device support, etc.) can be found at e-Mobile’s website as well as in our Berryreview Store.

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  1. The app looks nice as most of e-mobile’s products (definately eye candy) but have found through purchasing a few of their products that once they put an app on the market they don’t spend much time with updates. Meaning they don’t put them out very often. Hopefully they will stay on top of this one since it seems to be something alot of people would like if they tweak it a bit.

  2. Yeah all of their apps have the same problems:
    -Ridiculously expensive
    -No trials
    -They try to reinvent everything that already exists and usually kinda fail.

    • I definitely agree with your 3rd point. All they do is jazz up built in features of the BlackBerry OS which taxes the available memory and really doesn’t add anything beneficial besides a ‘prettier’ front-end..

      • Kinda like their SMS/Email popup app, which has it’s own SMS viewer that replaces the native sms viewer and the formatting is worse…

        Makes no sense…

  3. No trial is a thumb down for me. Would never spend $25 for an app that I don’t know if useful or not.

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