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8830 & 8330 OS Officially Released by Telus

Tom let me know that Telus has officially released OS for both the 8330 Curve and the 8830. That is the latest OS I know of for both devices and it is official so its worth grabbing.

Unofficial changes noticed:

  • Call timer on the Phone screen once again has a call that is in progress
  • Better memory management with less leakage
  • More memory available after install

You can pick up the install at this link on

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  1. I installed this for my Alltel/SoonToBeVerizon 8330 last week and so far I have experienced little to no issues what so ever. Great release!

  2. Finally some excitement for the 8830, a call timer!!!!!

  3. I have loaded all of the previous O.S.’s for the 8330 that have been posted here and for the most part everything has gone well except for a few problems.

    131 – was very slow when initializing form standby & unlocking the keypad but138 fixed that problem

    138 – I lost compatibility with Beamberry/Beamsuite hopefully 160 fixes that problem

    Those are the bulk of my main issues in the recent past. I am installing now so hopefully 160 will fix that.

  4. I’ve been running various editions of 4.5 since sometime last summer, with .135 on my Sprint 8830 WE at the moment, and I’ve had memory leak issues for probably the last 6 months. My phone hits 0 bytes every 1-2 days unless I do a battery pull or Alt-Shift-Del, at which point I get 4-5MB back. I’m running Gmail, Sprint TV, Viigo, BlackBerry App World, MidpSSH, FaceBook, Google Maps, Sprint Navigation, Shazam, iHeartRadio, Google TalkBlockBerry, Mobile Checkbookand I Love BlackBerry. Before this update, I had 5090633 bytes free (I did a battery pull right before getting that number), and after the update, I see 5806376 bytes free. Hopefully this will stay above 0…when it gets low, it slows to a crawl and deletes all my messages, and I want to throw it out a window.

    On a positive note, the return of the in-call timer is much appreciated 🙂 And the Alt-Shift-Del trick reboots a lot faster, but it brings me back to the same screen I was already on, so I’m not sure if it’s the equivalent to a battery pull.

  5. Timer start when you push the send button. There is no way of knowing true length of call.

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