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Tips & Tricks: Use The Camera Flash/LED as a Flashlight

Capture16_3_35 This is a basic tip that I forgot about until CoryR reminded me about it. That little LED/Flash on the back of your newer BlackBerry can easily be used as a flashlight if you just know how to pull it off. You need OS 4.3+ as far as I remember since it requires the video recording application for the option. This trick just involves enabling the flash option in the video recorder. This gives you a bright light (much brighter than simply illuminating the screen).  You don’t need to do any actual recording, just launch the app when you need the light.


  1. Open the BlackBerry Video Camera application
  2. Hit the menu button and select Options
  3. The first option should be Video Light
  4. Highlight that option and hit the spacebar to change it to On
  5. You will get a warning saying that this will drain your battery but select yes

Now every time you fire up the Video Camera application the LED/Flash will automatically turn on. You do not need to record anything for it to work. For even simpler access just set the Video Camera to open using one of your side convenience keys.

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  1. is there a free program that does all this in one step?

  2. there is another easier way… you just press the space key when you open the video recorder and it automatically turns on the led… to turn it off simple press the space key again…

  3. Been doing this for a year

  4. thanks for the reminder! i was just thinking that somebody needs to write a program that turns the light on and had completely forgotten about this

  5. I have been using this with my storm for a while now. The annoying thing was that the light goes off and back on when the storm changes from portrait to landscape. This has been fixed with the free screen lock software…perfect now.

  6. I’ve been doing that for a while now, on my upgraded 8310, and it’s quite handy!

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