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Hot ! Skype Beta app for the Storm leaked.

skypeBlackBerryOS has got themselves a copy of the hot Skype app for the Storm. I haven’t got a device to check this out on but from all reports so far, although it is a bit glitchy, it does work. You can pick it up here : ZIP File Here or check out the full article and warnings here: .

Thanks guys for the tip.

Let us know what you think below as we haven’t heard a lot since the initial beta was announced.

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  1. Some hints if you want to play with it on a non-storm BlackBerry: Use the SPACE key instead of the trackball or enter key to make a selection. On a QWERTY style keyboard use the Q key to access the “soft menu” or screen menu on the left side, and the P key to get at the choice on the right side. (Q and P are the farthest apart keys on the top row of my Bold and it worked that way).

    Happy hacking. I had issues with the application until I figured out the key strokes required to make it work and I’m working on communications errors now.

    Use the BlackBerry Menu key to get to “settings” and then scroll there to use the space-key to select each thing you need to change.

    I would say “Alpha” instead of beta… But it seems all there…


  2. Bah this app sucks… this is no REAL VOIP.. it does what ALL other apps that have been out over years.. if a skype contact calls you, they forward it to your real phone number, and they charge you for it. It just uses the data plan to make calls, and skype chatting…

    Ohh well wondering when we will see a REAL voip solution =\

  3. its already been updated to 1.2.11 the zip is at like 1.0

  4. It doesn’t even work for the Storm, i can’t even get past the main menu. no touch.

  5. I don’t get it. Skype on a mobile is virtually pointless. If you really wanted it, you’d be better off with iSkoot which has been around for ages. Mobile operators charge for Skype data usage and it provides very low quality calls. Its a cumbersome way to make a call compared to regular cellular calls which are geneally dirt cheap anyway. Seems like a great idea but misguided in practice.

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