Fake My Call – Fake Calls Now a Little Cheaper ($2.99)

elvis-fake-call BlackBerry applications are starting to catch up with the iPhone in terms of multiple variations of the same type of application. Point in fact is Fake My Call which was just released by Orgin8. This is now the third fake call application I have seen for BlackBerry after PhoneyCall and FakeCall. The trend seems to be that you copy a previous idea and lower the price which Fake My Call brings down to a much cheaper $2.99. I guess you can now avoid meetings on the cheap… 🙂

From the description:

Fake My Call is a fun little app that accurately imitates a real incoming call on your BlackBerry. This may sound like a simple idea, but with a little creativity you’ll get a lot of entertainment!

For example:

  • On a bad date? Bored in a meeting? Set up a fake call on your BlackBerry and excuse yourself from those awkward situations.
  • Does your social life need a boost? Fake a call from a celebrity! You can even pre-record and play a voice message during the call for added authenticity.
  • Want to prank a friend or colleague? Get them to answer a faked call, or have them eavesdrop on your own outrageous conversations.


  • Accurate default call and conversation screen for the phone model.
  • Ability to choose your own screen to replace the default one.
  • Full choice of ringtones, vibrations and LEDs, using the Blackberry’s own notification set up.
  • Stealth start up, which when combined with a convenience key can allow you to “receive” a call whilst in a meeting with no-one suspecting a thing.
  • Playback an audio file as the “other caller” to increase the deception, or just to wind up your friends and colleagues.

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