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Did The Bold Just Lose InfoWorld’s Deathmatch to an iPhone???

sticking_out I can only assume that Galen Gruman of InfoWorld is trying to spark some feedback with his latest deathmatch pitting the iPhone against the BlackBerry Bold. He has been using an iPod Touch since he retired his Palm/Handspring so it is obvious where his point of view is coming from. I don’t have the time to debase every one of his arguments but some of them are so far off base that I cannot help but offer him some insight. Especially his conclusion of:

Frankly, I’ve concluded it’s time to bury the BlackBerry. A revolution in its time, thanks to its ability to provide instant, secure e-mail anywhere, the BlackBerry has become the Lotus Notes of the mobile world: It’s way past its prime.

  1. First Galen goes on a diatribe about how the iPhone’s email client is vastly superior to the BlackBerry email client. Need I go further? Truly it is just a matter of preference but I have used both and things like being able to attach files from a user accessible file system is just elementary.
  2. Galen points out how the iPhone has all the normal email actions such as reply and forward with their own dedicated buttons. I guess he did not bother with keyboard shortcuts such as “R” for reply and “F” for forward… He also claims it is hard to delete messages on the BlackBerry but I guess he did not figure out that the delete button deletes messages.
  3. Galen admits that the iPhone does not let you search for messages… but then uses that as a reason for why the iPhone client is better at selecting multiple messages.
  4. He then goes on to say how when you add a contact the BlackBerry does not always catch the senders name and you have to enter it to save the contact. He claims the iPhone is better because it lets you save the email address and enter in the name later… That would just clutter your address book.
  5. Galen is using the just launched and mediocre App World as a comparison to Apples app store. I admit that applications are limited on the BlackBerry and there are not a wealth of options but the apps that do exist are awesome. For example, Google Talk and all the IM clients… The iPhone cannot even run such applications together!
  6. Galen then went on to compare Gokivo Navigator to Google Maps on the iPhone. Why did he not compare Google Maps on the BlackBerry? He claims that the iPhone locks onto GPS quicker because of cell phone triangulation but BlackBerry apps have the same function. Not to mention that the BlackBerry also has TeleNav GPS directions which is not possible on a iPhone.

So anybody else want to have some fun tearing apart this deathmatch??? Personally I always found it funny that the so called music phone does not have A2DP support for Bluetooth headphones. Something even the corporate minded BlackBerry has…

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  1. Firstly, great pic!
    This guy has to be on Apple’s payroll. What is he smoking? He sounds like he tried the Blackberry for 5 minutes before writing this. Yeah, it took me a while to figure out that the delete button will delete the emails but it does.
    Ironic how he calls the BB’s UI “Windows-3-like.” If I remember correctly, Windows 3 had Copy-Paste, didn’t it? How you can call yourself an OS without the most basic functionality is beyond me.
    And to tout the landscape rotation feature and have it not work on half the important apps like email is also just silly.
    I know all this is changing with the new iPhone OS but what took so long?

  2. Another good use Case for Apple vs. RIM: I put my 8900 onto the guest wifi at my work. I coworker got an iPhone and asked me if I could also input the guest wifi info. I tried and tried and tried!! I need to input a user name “guest” and the pswd, but with no explanation it didn’t work. If Apple claims to be so friendly, why on my BlackBerry can I figure out such problems so easily, and on an iPhone they give you so few menus and commands you are up against a brick wall to do something that should be so easy.

  3. I cracked up a few times while reading the article. He obviously had an agenda in writing the article but he just does not do it justice.
    And I had to find a reason to use that picture 🙂

  4. lol

    i posted this article over his post


    what a dumb A*s… BB rocks

  5. You would think the Jesus-phone would at least be able to multi-task, no?

    You would also probably expect Jesus’ device could handle cut/copy/paste, eh?

    This guy is a moron, seriously. What a ridiculous comparison. The iPhone has some perks for sure, but overall better? ROTFLMAO.

  6. I wonder how long he used a BB for, 10 seconds maybe?

  7. Lmao! Was he serious?! Yea, because we all know that people want to use their phone to level a picture frame (“there’s an app for that”), because we all want our phones to sound like a shotgun with no apparent purpose (“there’s an app for that”), oh…oh and we ALLLLL need our phones to display a coy fish pond that ripples when you touch the screen (yea…”There’s an app for that). The iCrapPhone is only better in the styling (arguably). Anything the iPhone can do, the BlackBerry can…and better. The iphone can do it…but, guess what…there has to be an app for that. Convenience in clutter? Riiiiight! What an idiot. Maybe there’s an app for that?…lame a** marketing strategy. Maybe an app did came up with it. (Tired of hearing it? Yea, me too. But…”There’s an app for that).

  8. I though I was going to read something different due to the newer OS on the BlackBerry bu just the same ‘ol Berry Bashing! Tis rticle was a waste of time to read. However, it did have some valid points but only enough to make a couple of sentences. After using both the iPhone and my BlackBerry 8900 at the same time I left my BB at home and had to rely on the iPhone….what a joke. Then next day i sold the iPhone cause it couldn’t even do simple function like…..multi-task. Long live BlackBery!

  9. How about integrated cut, copy and paste, to and from virtually any BlackBerry screen?

    There’s NO app for that. I use that feature every single day, on my Bold. It is just there, as it should be. I cannot understand why iPhone users don’t vehemently demand the 1984-era feature of copy+paste.

    How about syncing with Outlook from the start, without using iTunes? FYI, iTunes is verboten to install, says my employer (of many thousands of people), because it is for music. That alone keeps me from having an iPhone. I have co-workers that enter work meetings and contacts by hand, because of this lack of basic syncing, just to have the ‘shiny, pretty’

    There’s NO app for that.

    How about multi-tasking? I can download all my information into Viigo or download a large file from the interweb while I check my email or really, do anything else that I want to.

    There’s NO app for that.

    Why does the media say that people perceive the iPhone for play and the BlackBerry for work?:
    a. BlackBerry has top-notch security; iPhone has, well, it has MS Exchange
    b. iPhone settings are all ‘locked down’, for your protection; BlackBerry’s settings are omnipresent
    c. the best selling iPhone app makes fart sounds; something I rarely need for the office

  10. Note to self.

    Never trust a review that:

    1.) comes from someone who complains about not being able to see a screen font clearly, without wearing glasses. Change the font size, or wear your glasses, dude.
    2.) comes from someone who only recently cut loose from a Palm/Handspring device. This dude would have loved a Dell Axim back in the day… And I’ve been using mine as a doorstopper for the past 4 years.
    3.) comes from someone who doesn’t use GMail. Be it for personal or enterprise use, these devices make the most sense when run through the Gauntlet, both in enterprise and personal environments. Besides, when’s the last time web browsing on your iPhone was a work-related activity (unless your in dev or QA)?

    I’ll stop this at three. We all get the idea.

  11. Blackberry bold is a really good phone. I have been using the bold since it first came out. I also have and IPhone. The first and second generation. The iphone is much better for what it is made for. The only reason why I went to the bold is because I needed it to email attachments. The apps suck compare to the IPhone. You cannot compare the 2 unless you have tried the both side by side. The 2 phone are not even comparable. Maybe to the storm, but not the bold. My bold is going up for sale to any of you once the third generation IPhone is out!

  12. Its all about preference! I prefer the the bold. I thought that the iphone was all about multi-media… I use A2DP all the time while I watch my 40+ movies and 30+ television shows… Can’t wait for the Magnum….

  13. Do people still read InfoWorld?

    The next time InfoWorld publishes something relevant will be the first time.

  14. See the problem is that people like Mr. Gruman don’t see the difference between these two phones. You can’t just say one is inherently superior than the other as a blanket statement. They each have their good and weak points. The BB is clearly better at being at a communication centered device with much better push capabilities than the I Phone as well as some other minor things. The I Phone’s strong suits is the app store that contains an enormous amount of apps for the phone and (unfortunately…grrrrr) their web browser is hands down better than the Bold’s. ultimately the question you have to make is not which ones is the better device, but which one fulfills your needs best.

  15. Hahaha my BlackBerry Browser on 8900 runs faster than the iPhone 3G, even after the OS update from iPhone LOL. Mind you I am still on EDGE and not WiFi!! 🙂 hehe!!

  16. Info-Twirled (or it is InfoSquirreled?) needs to understand that the iFartPhone is not in the same league as a business class BlackBerry, like the Bold. If the iFartPhone gets cut-copy-paste, Outlook sync without iTunes, the ability to truly multi-task, AND a slide-out keyboard, it will be a contender for this market. I work in a building full of BlackBerry-powered business people and they are hammering those BlackBerry keyboards all day; in meetings, elevators, walking.

    Just because a bunch of internet-generation 20-somethings are tap-tap-tapping on iPhones at StarBucks all day, (or at Kinko’s, while you are waiting for them to serve you), instead of working in a real job, don’t think iPhones are business class. Don’t compare Apples and BlackBerries, until they are equal — it is silly. Maybe that will be true in June, when they release their new iPhones, and maybe it will not.

    Actually, if the new June iPhone came out in the Palm Pre form factor, with a slide-out keyboard, and the other essential features above, it might kill two birds with one stone. That would be a major kill-shot for Apple.

  17. PC-Twirled has the same slant in their comparison. Notice in the link below, the Storm’s columns mostly say Unknown, or have incorrect info, when that category is better than the other phones.

    Can anybody fill in the ‘unknown’ columns for me?

  18. In total sarcasism:

    Iphone > blackberry bold
    1 can’t level a book shelf with a blackberry
    2 can’t simulate a pump action shotgun on a blackberry
    3 don’t have zippo app on blackberry

    Blackberry can only message, email, and run multiple apps at once.

    :). Later

  19. When the precious iPhone can multi-task and supports picture/video messaging without having to email, I’ll stop spitting on it.

  20. I have an iPod Touch. The email client is simply horrid. All that going down three levels and back up just to see email when you have no less than five accounts is painful. Sure, it can do email, and it is fast enough to handle the massive load of email I do, but checking my email is frustrating. Were I the standard person (like the wife) with just the one email address, it’d be great.

    Also, the author is apparently unaware that it appears to this neophyte that you can change the sort to pretty much anything you like on the email app. Oh, well.

    His final point, however, is the main reason I have a Bold instead of an iPhone. I seem to get a new smartphone every six months or so because they all have stupid little faults I just can’t live with. The e71 (my last phone) had a screwy sms interface, for instance, to go with the generally badly done s60 ui. Well, I just know that the thing that would drive me to ditch the iPhone would be the nearly unusable soft keyboard. On the iPod Touch, I end up cursing regularly as I try to respond to email. Imagine trying to respond to the much higher sms load I have.

    The Bold has a fine build in keyboard and allows an external bluetooth keyboard, meaning I can probably avoid buying a netbook, and it plays non-drm itunes content anyway, as well as a wide selection of video formats, meaning most of my converted video plays on it natively, which is not true of the iPod/iPhone.

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