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SmartCalling: Donationware Call Assistant Application With Cool Features

smartcalling SmartCalling is a slick new application that Mauricio let me know about. It is technically free but the developer requires that you register after you use it 20 times and asks kindly for a donation of $7. In short it walks a fine line between donationware and free so I wont label it as free. Now on the the actual application…

SmartCalling has some cool features like vibrating while ringing and creating a new calendar entry when you finish a call. You can also have it alert you by vibrating every few minutes during a call and auto redial. You can pick up the app OTA at this link or from your desktop at this link. After using it 20 times you must register using this form with your name, email address, and PIN and you will automatically get a registration code. You can also leave the developer a donation at that link.

The full feature list includes:

  • Vibrate and Ring while Incoming call
  • Create new calendar dialog when call disconnected!
  • Alert every minutes with tone.
  • Auto Redial.
    • Automatic call again when line errors.
    • When the first wire on the other side does not prompt.
    • When busy.
    • Customize the number of call again, or call to the line where the other party prompt.
  • Limited time conversation
  • Automatically turn on backlight:
    • When may have connection (Connected)
    • When traffic interruption (Call fail)
    • When the call ends (Disconnect)
    • When a call waiting. (Call Waiting)
    • When the call hold (Hold).
    • When mindedness call (Call Resume)

Let me know what you think if you try it out!

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  1. Oh, nice. Another VibAndRing-clone.

    • Clone?

      I haven’t looked at vibe and ring for a while, but last time I did it didn’t have all the other features this one does.

      Has your app been updated with more features?

  2. It’s actually kind of obnoxious really. Trust me, after the first couple calls, you’ll start turning off the features one by one.

  3. It looks like if you have a good idea everybody will copy it… Just look at the email popup scene or before that we had the HTML viewer. I am waiting for one that will make your blackberry think it is on WiFi when it is on 3G. BTW how is everything going Fabian? I have a bunch of ideas for apps that I wish somebody would develop. Like a password remembering feature for the browser…

    • All’s good around here. I have a lot to do with university at the moment but once in a while I get into some BlackBerry-Development-Stuff.

      Mail me with your ideas, I’d love to hear them.
      Next time I’m in NYC we have to meet up ;-).

      oh and by the way, i do exactly the same with the AutoText feature. I have ‘rf’ that goes to “Regards, -Fabian”.

  4. Fabian Heuwieser, dude stop bitching u are not the first to come out with a app like this dude alot more people are and are adding stuff to make it better anyways all of them are great apps in my book

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