Premium Zebra & Cheetah Themes for the 8900, 9000 (& 9500)

Jake at JL Designs is on a run these days, pumping out themes like crazy. His latest set of themes, available for the 8900, 9000 & (9500 *see below), are designed with animal prints in mind. There’s Zany Zebra and Cheetah Chase. Both are basic styled themes, with 6 customizable bottom dock icons which highlight in the background pattern when selected. So while the theme is simplistic in design, it has that extra design touch element. Most of us gals love animal prints so you can’t go wrong (at least in my book) with these babies. Another neat feature of these themes is that they are wallpaper-friendly so if you want to alternate wallpapers, you can do that too.


*Now for the Storm versions of these themes,  I should mention that, according to Jake, there *may* be some issues – depending on the OS you are running – with the icon ‘focus’ button not showing up right away in the portrait home screen. However, according to Jake, this isn’t happening on every device and in any case, he claims the icon will show up within hours. Not owning a Storm I’m not sure exactly what he means or if it’s worth the hassle for Storm owners to make the purchase, but he was honest enough to tell me so I could make mention it in this post. So Storm owners can use their own discretion in purchasing this theme and maybe ask questions (there’s a technical support contact form in the store link).

On the 8900 & 9000 versions however (I tested the Bold, someone else tested the 8900), the theme seemed to work fine. In fact, I’m using the Zebra theme on my Bold right now!

Zany Zebra and Cheetah Chase cost $4.98 and links to purchase them, along with more screen shots and information, can be found via the Berryreview store links below.

Zany Zebra Theme (top 2 listings in the search)

Cheetah Chase

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  1. wow… $4.98 for wallpaper…

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