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S4BB ActionPad Beta – Alternative Memopad App With Encryption

actionpad_9500_encrypt-list-horizontal_beta_7 I know a couple people who use Memopad all day long on their BlackBerry but are looking for more features. ActionPad may be a possible solution and is currently in public beta from S4BB. The software attempts to give you quick access to memos with (multiple) categories, encryption, and more. They also support exporting via Email and multiple font sizes. They claim it works together with Memopad but I have not had a chance to put it through its paces yet.

You can sign up for the beta at this link but you may want to do it from another email address since they tend to send you spam and there is no option to opt out until after they send you something.

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  1. Only seems to work if you have the regular memopad app installed. I have moved to BBnotepad and do not have the original installed.

  2. Encryption is flawed (or intentionally flawed).

    This is how it works:
    1. Encrypt ur message with a password. It is now unreadable.

    2. Unauthorized user attempts to read with the wrong password. This password algorithm results in…incorrectly decrypting ur ENCRYPTED message (gibberish changes to more gibberish).

    3. He saves this file.

    4. Even with your correct password, your original file has become unreadable even to you as his saving the new encryption rendered a new algorithm into ur original message. (adding a code to your coded message).

    5. Cry

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