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Free Berryreview Theme for the Bold

My man Ville over at was showing us at Berryreview some love by creating this theme for us. Since he was sweet enough to do so, I could not go without mentioning it on our site. Berryreview, is a ‘sketch’ style theme that sports scribbled writing and highlighted icons. I love some of the screens, especially the outgoing call screen which has these neat little scribbles and details that make this theme very interesting and unique.

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That said, I am very impressed with how far Ville has come with his theme designs. It’s obvious he puts lots of thought into his creations and always tries to do something one step up. That and he gives many of his themes away for free…of course, donations are always welcome so maybe we can show him some love back 🙂

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If you feel like sporting the Berryreview theme on your Berry…go to

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  1. How is this a BerryReview theme? Because it says BerryReview on it one place? Where are the colors? The logo? The slogan? Sorry but I’m not impressed when someone creates a real BR theme I would be more than happy to sport it. Not this junk though. Come on guys. Will you just post anything that has BerryReviews name on it?

  2. Hi Johnathan,

    To answer your questions;

    1. No, this is not a ‘official’ Berryreview theme. I imagine that Ronen, as site owner, would be the one to make that determination (not me).

    2. I probably would not post every theme that came in as a ‘Berryreview’ theme. Truth is, this was the first one that I ever received and it was done by the designer Ville, out of his thoughtfulness. Also, I thought it held some charm (with or without the BR name on it).

    3. Finally, it is free, so don’t think it does any harm by posting it.

    Lately, I’ve been reading comments that people are questioning why we (or I) am posting about certain themes. Let me remind everyone that at Berryreview, we don’t just post about the ‘popular’ ‘premium’ themes that many other sites post about but themes that come from a variety of calibers and styles. That may mean some are more amateur than others.

    That said, I’ve seen a lot of theme designers come a long way with their creativity…perhaps the exposure here having something to do with encouraging that. Also, in this process we’ve discovered some new, quality theme designers as well. Mostly, we are happy to give some exposure to theme designers and the work it takes them to create themes, especially when they give them out for free. I suppose if someone doesn’t like a theme, they can just regard that post and move on 🙂

    • Scribble theme w basic Precision icons. Feels incomplete and mismatching.

      =/ I wudnt even give this a “nice job.”

  3. I really think that sometimes some comments can be rather harsh towards all these people that take time to make your Blackberry unique.

    As a theme designer myself i can take productive critasism as it makes me want to improve what i do.

    But i really do not think that some of the comments about this authors work are justified.

    Thank you Vicky for your comments.

    I think the theme looks great !!!
    And i am sure there are many others out there that think the same.

  4. why dont you guys shut the f up and just make some themes yourself instead of bitching and talking shit on someone elses work? yea thought so

  5. Nice theme…but how to download it…lol…

    Hehehe…where’s ota link…^ ^

  6. just curious out of the people with the rude comments? do you make themes, do you have a website, did you make a berryreview theme randomly, and do you have anything better to off? those are things that should be considered when you choose to talk about another persons work, if you dont like it thats fine, nobody is forcing you to download the theme. if you think its ugly and dont want to look at it close your eyes or click that little red “x” in the corner of your screen.

    Vicky idk how everyone liked it over here but i had over 500 views to that theme alone in the first 3 days you posted it on so i just wanted to say thanks again.

  7. Cool,I like it.
    where download link????^^

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