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Ronen’s Vacation Giveaway – Best BlackBerry Withdrawal Story Wins $25!


I’m back!!! My beautiful wife and I just got back from a weeklong vacation out in the Bahamas and had a blast. Kudos to the rest of the team for holding up the fort while I was out. I almost did not notice that I was without my BlackBerry for a WEEK! Cell service is spotty out on the islands and AT&T roaming costs a fortune so I left my BlackBerry in the hotel safe and vacationed circa 1990s style. The closest I got to a BlackBerry was a BTC shop selling the BlackBerry Bold for $755!

IMG_8525For the last 9+ years I cannot remember a time where I was a week without my BlackBerry or at least a cell phone. Nothing crazy happened while I was going through withdrawal but I was constantly checking my belt loop for my missing appendage… Though I did get a kiss from a dolphin. 🙂

So I decided to pose the question to all of you. Tell us your best story about BlackBerry withdrawal and by Sunday May 24th, 2009 at 11:59 PM EST. The top story, chosen by our top notch team, will win their choice of a $25 Amazon gift certificate or $25 PayPal payment.


  • Stories must be left as comments to this article
  • Submissions must be received by Sunday May 24th, 2009 at 11:59 PM EST
  • Multiple submissions are allowed
  • You must include a valid email address along with the tip or else we won’t be able to contact you if you win.
  • If you are selected as the winner we will do our best to get you your prize as long as it is allowed by law. For example, if you live in Nigeria you are probably out of luck.
  • We reserve the right to modify, end, or cancel this promotion at any time at our sole discretion.
  • The winner can choose that the $25 USD prize be delivered through either PayPal OR an Amazon gift certificate. (Keep in mind that PayPal will probably deduct some fees.)

Good luck!!!

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  1. Withdrawal? What are you talking about? When I was in Portugal last year I didn’t get a local SIM, and so just never had the Radio on. I did however have the Wifi on and when I’d get a free signal while walking in downtowns, suddenly I’d get a flood of e-mails arriving. That’s the super thing with T-Mo’s UMA-Berrys. I don’t believe it not having it on me even without service, because it is still a Camera, Video Camera, flashlight, note taker, and an MP3 player.
    If I was at the beach I’d likely leave it in the hotel room too Ronen, don’t wanna get sand in it 😛

  2. A few months ago my graduate school class was taking a trip into NYC to see a Broadway show. The night before, on my way to a party, my Bold died, at 8:40pm. I immediately skipped the party and drove directly to an AT&T store, which unfortunately was closed. Then I went across the street to a RadioShack and tried to convince the 18 year old assistant manager to swap it out for me. No dice. I went back, depressed about my berry, to the tail end of the party. The next morning, on the bus to NYC, I had to borrow my friend’s Curve to get my fix. Did I need to check the weather? Did I need to look at my gmail on a Saturday morning? No, but yes. While in Manhattan, a group of friends and myself stopped in Times Square for lunch. I said I’d be right back, and ran 5 blocks to the nearest AT&T service store. They replaced it in 30 minutes and I ran back to eat my cold cheeseburger. The battery was dead, and I couldn’t charge it, but I still pulled it out of my pocket every so often trying to turn it on. It was strangely comforting.

  3. On February 1, 2008 I proudly walked out of the ATT store after upgrading my Pearl to a Curve 8310. The next day my husband and I were traveling out of town. Since he was driving I used the time to set up my Curve. My Curve was in my hand, my old Pearl, my husband’s Curve, (I had just bought him in December) and my 7290 issued by my employer were all in my lap. We were using TelNav on my Curve for directions and were cruising down the road when I glanced up from my Curve to see a truck stop in front of us. My husband yelled as we hit it at 60mph, flipped three times then slid upside down on the roof before stopping. We were upside down when we stopped moving, hanging by our seatbelts. When we were taken out of the car I was in severe pain. As we were waiting to be airlifted people were gathering our personal belongings. I was screaming in pain and asked them to find my BB and they brought one, and then another and another until they located all of them. I can’t imagine what they thought. When we arrived at the trauma unit my left hand was black they asked what was I doing when we crashed. My family all responded “HOLDING HER BLACKBERRY”! (I had lost 3 units of blood internally and am still recovering). All our blackberries were ruined. The day I got out of the hospital I went to ATT to get new Curves. Since there was no insurance on them and we had just signed new 2 year contracts I could not get either of our blackberries replaced without paying full price. Even being on pain pills did not help the pain of losing my precious Curve. Since I could do nothing but lie in bed I started calling ATT daily, trying to get someone to help me. It was pure torture to be without my Curve by my side. Finally one day I reached someone who said “I can get you 2 Curves for $99 each and a $100 rebate if you agree to another 2-year contract”. That was not a problem, for that price I would have signed away my next grandchild! (Not really, but I would have considered it briefly) My Curve is once again forever by my side. [email protected]

  4. Ronen, HOW did you survive that without a BlackBerry? No, seriously…! I had that experience once only 5 days on a cruise ship without BlackBerry…!
    I’m sure you had a lot of eMai-catchup to do after that… ;-).

  5. Just this last friday, I was getting into my truck and my Bold slid out of my pocket and just my luck it fell out just as I was closing the door. I cracked the LCD with the door, and all that was being displayed was a white screen and a big black spot where it cracked.

    I instantly went into panic mode, I called Rogers and they advised me to take it into a Rogers Store to have it examined. At this point I accepted I was at fault and was more than willing to pay for repairs, but when I got to the the rogers store I was told “Blackberry doesn’t fix blackberry’s, sorry there’s nothing that can be done”. Of course I became irrate at the notion that I was basically being left in the cold by rogers and stormed out of the store cussing like a sailor. “Fortunately” I had a Motorola as a backup phone, and I called Rogers customer service from the parking lot and raised hell.

    I ended up getting a new Bold for $299 by starting my 3 year contract over again (only after threatening to cancel my 2 lines and moving to Telus), and was satisfied temporarily, but as the weekend wore on I was getting anxious at the prospect of possibly waiting 5 business days to receive my Bold by courier. So I jumped on eBay and bought a 8900 and a Pearl Flip from a couple local sellers so I could meet them in person for pick up.

    Well, my Bold ended up arriving on Wednesday, so I now have 3 current model BlackBerry’s at the cost of $1000+ all because I just did not have the patience to wait and be without the BlackBerry I depend on.

    The positive side of my story is that I’ll never be stuck using a POS Motorola again. I took you for granted BlackBerry and I’m sorry!!!!

  6. I had a story. But I’m just gonna vote. The car accident story is horrible and a Blackberry inspiration to us all! 🙂

  7. I commend you for being without your berry for 5 days, but for me my having to leave my bb at home proved to be nerve racking to say the least. This month I am doing jury duty and on the 1st day I left mine home knowing cell phones weren’t allowed in court. To my dismay, for jury pool members, we were the exception. OMG!! The entire 1st day I felt phantom vibrations, checking my hip every 2 minutes, and actually asking someone to use their phone. After all this, I finally got home @3:00pm and went straight to my grey ghost (curve 8330–gray) and felt a whole lot better.

  8. Well i have to say i live in Canada and am a Rogers customer and i go to the bahamas several times a year and always use my data part of my berry there to pin and email i cant imagine not using it, The data service is fine in the Nassau area and even better on Paradise Island as far as voice calls though i get pay as you go sim from BTC because i have had too many 1000 $ cell bills for weeks down there

  9. About two weeks ago I flipped my CR-V on my way home. I had just gotten the new innocase 360 for my new curve 8900 and well the keys dont light up very well with that case on it. Long story short I wasnt paying attention (staring at the keypad) and went into the ditch then flipped, and when the car finally stopped I saw flames coming from under the hood. I spent about 30 seconds looking for my beloved berry and couldn’t find it! Then I decided I’d rather not die over a phone. I got out of the car which proceeded to burn down to just the frame.

    Well the past two weeks I’ve been on some p.o.s. nokia I had laying around at the house from five years ago. It was the worst two weeks of my life. I couldn’t figure out how to do a damn thing on it. So frusterating. I had just spent $350 for the 8900 which I had for the better part of a month. Well after being pushed to the edge of insanity by the nokia I broke down and spent another $410 on another 8900 and I’m happy again. haha. $760 on phones in two months… lame. Needless to say I AM NOT buying an innocase 360 for this one.. haha.

  10. I purchased my first BlackBerry in September 08 because I became very ill with liver disease and I knew I’d be spending a lot of time in the hospital. I knew I’d need some way to stay connected or I’d lose my mind. The hospital did have free wifi, so I kept my laptop bedside, but of course they had all sorts of filters on their public connection….

    Due to the frequency and lengths of my stays in the hospital, I became very well known among the entire staff on two floors in the hospital. Of course, all my doctors and nurses constantly saw me on my BlackBerry and/or laptop morning, noon and night.

    Of course, it was just a matter of time before doctors and nurses started popping in to ask me BlackBerry specific questions. Some had already purchased a device and just didn’t know how to get the most out of it. Others were so impressed by the capabilities that I would show them on mine that there were a few who went out and purchased a device and I helped them set theirs up.

    On one trip to the E.R., by ambulance, I forgot my BlackBerry at home. Upon admission – the intake administrators asked for my device (I had shown them how to look up my current medication list as it changed often and other pertinant information regarding my medical health). As I was in an extreme state, they had to admit me based on the previous visits medication information. When I finally woke up in my bedroom, some 5 hours later, my BlackBerry was sitting in its docking cradle charging away. I was shocked because I knew I hadn’t brought the device with me – but I was confused due to my poor health at the time. It turns out, a young nurse drove to my house on her lunch break to get my BlackBerry because she “knew I would go nuts without it!” Thank god I lived so close to the hospital!

    I finally had a liver transplant after months of being sick. When I woke up in my regular room (after 1 day in post-op ICU) I had my BlackBerry headphones on and the Media Player was boppin’ away on shuffle…I didn’t remember putting it on, but I was on a lot of meds…I found out later that my doctor was the one to launch the media app and put on my headphones…He knew I had over 3000 songs on the microSD card and I guess it had been playing for hours…

    I think the staff considered me quite a ‘Berry addict! LOL

  11. Last year when I decided to let my treo go for the blackberry bold I was so excited to get the phone, seriously I admired this phone and was just getting to know it when the unthinkable happened. I dropped my beloved phone in the sink, mind you I had the phone for one week as an upgrade so I paid a little less than most people but not by much and did not get insurance on it. I was in total shock and dismay that I could be so stupid and not get insurance.

    Well, I loved that phone so much that I turned around a brought another one for the full price with insurance this time. So, now that I have insurance do you think I drop this phone yet in water or any other place? No, I guess we learn and learn the hard way.

    I am forever a blackberry addict to have forked over that kind of money!

  12. I always tend to put my Blackberry in my top suit pocket & I’ve lost it to the toilet bowl 3 times so far. You would have thought I’d learned my lesson :p

  13. ok i am gonna keep this story short and sweet. i was on my honeymoon in mexico and would make up stories to get my wife to leave the room for a few min. the only reason i wanted her to leave the room was so that i could turn on my blackberry bold to check my emails. i had to run to the safe to unlock it and wait for it to boot(we know how long that takes). then to make matters worse when we got back to america i had a 300 bill because of roaming charges in mexico.

  14. Last month I went to my significant other’s house to sleep over. I somehow managed to forget my blackberry and I wasn’t supposed to go back to my house for another four days. It was too late in the day to go back home, so to make myself feel better, I took my SO’s (inferior) phone and carried it around with me. Every few minutes I looked at the phone expecting to see an email or text message notification. It drove me so crazy that I woke up the next morning at 5:00 a.m. and went back home (a 1.5 hour journey) just to get my bb … then back to his house … three hours altogether. Or at least it SHOULD have been 3 hours … it ended up being more than three hours because I was so engrossed in my bb while on the bus that I missed my stop and had to backtrack! Ahhhh! But I didn’t care … all that mattered was that I had my baby with me lol.

  15. I was in Israel a year ago and took along my BlackBerry Pearl assuming that because it’s on the AT&T’s network which is a GSM network, it’ll work there. What I didn’t realize is that you need to activate the international service once before leaving the US in order international data should be working. I was a little bit frustrated as I have promised my co-workers that I will be in touch via email, while I’m away. The end result was that I haven’t had such a good vacation in a long while… Recently I made another trip to Israel now, knowing that you have to activate the international roaming before leaving the country, and after my co-workers reminded me that we need to stay in touch even while I’m away, I did activate the international roaming on my new AT&T BOLD (which would have worked in any event cause it got Wi-Fi on it), the end result was that I learned to turn the BlackBerry off for a few hours a day (which never happens while I’m in the US, except on Shabbat – where I turn it off!) and tried to have the same vacation I had a year ago. Well it wosent the same – bu almost…!

  16. Every day I put my BB on vacation!!! I study talmud with a rabbi and dont want to get interrupted so I put it on silent. Every time his phone rings, not a Blackberry, I want to sneak a look when he’s talking, but I know I shouldn’t cause I won’t be able to put it down when he’s done 😉

  17. I call this story 5 minutes!!!!!

    I was at my GF’s house and because I use my BlackBerry Curve 8330 quite a bit (BlackBerry abuser) I’m in the horrible position that I have my BlackBerry and my battery is as good as dead. I ask her for her BlackBerry charger and plug it into a wall outlet.

    In the meantime I was out on the terrace with her and her dog just talking and then I remembered that I had to write an email to a friend, of course my BlackBerry is charging inside, but I reached my belt for my BlackBerry holster and of course the BlackBerry isn’t there. I said, “Oh right, it’s charging”.

    After 3 minutes I wan’t to show her the new photos I took with my BlackBerry that day, and again I reached for my belt and again I said to myself “Remeber, it’s charging”

    Then again happened to me when my girlfriend ask me to tell a friend what we were going to do that day (it was a friday) and then again I reached for my holster and then again i said to myself “OK get over it, it’s charging”.

    That’s when I realized that I couldn’t be without my BlackBery for about 5 minutes.

    BTW that has happened to me at least 5 times.

    Excellent contest!!!!

  18. Ok it’s past the deadline for the contest (without my Blackberry alarm reminder it slipped my mind). Still I’ll repost here my Life Without Blackberry facebook status series from my last 28 days.

    Nick Tone is feeling totally lost since my phone kicked the bucket. How will I make through the 10 days it takes for IT to get me a new one

    Nick Tone Tried throwing my broken blackberry on the ground to see if that would fix it…..didn’t work

    Day 2 of life without the Crackberry….withdrawal symptoms include a sense of isolation, boredom in meetings, and a general discombobulation.

    Day 5 with a dead Blackberry….isolation has fully set in, confusion abounds, feeling completely lost.

    Day 6 sans Blackberry…..IT ticket for my replacement still stuck in the approval queue….They’ve now broken me and had to go buy a prepaid phone to get me through. But still have no mobile work calendar, IM, texting, FB, internet, maps, etc…..It’s like an alcoholic going to communion every day just to get that sip of wine.

    Life without Blackberry Day 7. So much for the prepaid phone solution. It only took 1 day to figure out I talk on the phone way too much to go with pre-paid.

    Nick Tone Day 8 of forced mobile technology deprivation and quality of life continues to erode. No Blackberry = no real time traffic maps = not able to avoid backups unless I get lucky timing on the radio traffic report. Now double-booked for Tuesday night because without a mobile calendar I thought I was free when making a commitment for that night.

    Life without Blackberry day 9. Going 4 MPH on Hwy 85 at 9:12am, all I see up ahead are crawling cars as the road curves out of sight. The ambulance races past on the shoulder. The exit is getting closer & closer but “traffic on the 8s” is still 6 minutes away. Is the accident just around the bend, or should I take the last 8 miles on surface streets? Oh how I miss you real-time traffic on Mobile Google Maps 🙁

    Life without Blackberry Day 10? 12? 20? Can’t keep track without my Blackberry. No new one in sight, no answer to my calls for when they will get off their A$$8#s and replace it, no support to fix it. Maybe I should revert further into the past and start faxing instead of e-mailing?

    Taking matters into my own hands. Found instructions on the net for how to wipe the Blackberry and start from scratch. Of course getting it set-up again on the company network could be another issue. Hope I screw something up and crash our servers. They deserve it LOL.

    I wake screaming with sweat pouring down my face. When asked what’s wrong I confess I had a horrible nightmare that my Blackberry was broken for days on end. Was it a nightmare or reality? I reach for my Blackberry and with a trembling hand press the power button. Waiting and waiting, nothing is happening and them BAM up pops the two most beautiful words “Enter Password”….the nightmare is now over!!!

    (reply to friend’s comment of “finally, we have been praying for you”)
    Keep praying. This thing is still a POS. Having trouble getting it to charge for more than 1 minute at a time so have constant low battery warning.

    Oh No!!!! Life without Blackberry part deux…..had it working again by wiping the device and reloading the OS. Now the connector to plug in the power cord has broken off. One bar of battery left and then it turns into a paperweight. On the plus side, at least the boss won’t be able reach me unless I’m at my desk.

    Life without Blackberry Day 28 – I’m hopeful the saga is coming to an end. Apparently there’s a friend of a friend in IT who make it happen. Now it’s down to calling in old favors and promising new ones.

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