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Anagram: Free BlackBerry App Captures Contact Info From Signatures

During WES we mentioned Gwabbit which was a $9.95/year app that captured and updated contact information using email signatures on your BlackBerry. Josep let me know about Anagram which lets you capture contacts from email signatures for free!!! (I like free 🙂 but hopefully it works well)


Anagram has a free BlackBerry app where you just select and copy the signature and then click the “Capture With Anagram” menu option. It then populates a new contact with that information and lets you save it to your address book! They offer the app free for BlackBerry and Gmail but you have to pay $35 for the outlook plugin. Not sure how good it is but report back in the comments if you like it! Supposedly it also works for appointments and meetings but I am not sure why you would not just use a meeting request…

You can read more about it at this link and send yourself an email with an OTA link. Their OTA links are one time use only so I cannot post it. You can also watch a video of it in action at that link.

Features from the product page:

  • Available on the go, anywhere, and FREE!
  • Grab contact information
  • Capture sales leads
  • Grab meetings and appointments
  • Works with BlackBerry email

Instantly grab new contacts and appointments from any text on your BlackBerry screen, including email signatures, web directories, and search results.

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  1. Great coverage! Note that we’re at the end of the beta testing period and Anagram for BlackBerry 1.0 is coming out tonight.

    Also, Anagram is great for appointments that were sent to you *without* a meeting request, like “Let’s meet tomorrow at 10:30 for about a half hour to talk about the new client”. Anagram puts that on your calendar instantly.

    • Anagram for Outlook and Salesforce has literally saved me hundreds of hours over the past year. A must-have tool for any salesperson! When I heard about the new Blackberry release I had to try it. I have to admit, it’s slick! Allows me to catch up on entering new contacts/prospecting when I’m away from my desk. Two thumbs up!

  2. so far works great! waiting for ver. 1.0

    • With the 0.9.6 release, this link is no longer valid and direct linking to the jad is not supported. There are different downloads for different OS versions so you must download by sending yourself the download link by email.

  3. Oops, I spoke too soon on the 1.0 release. It has been delayed and 0.9.5 is available now.

  4. App has great potential. Having a bit of trouble with html sigs on .4. Will try new .5 and see how it goes.

    • The HTML issue isn’t going away for now, unfortunately. It’s due to the way the blackberry itself copies information from HTML emails… it omits the line breaks and there’s nothing Anagram can do to put them back in.

      You can get around this in most cases by clicking Menu when viewing an email, then choosing “Get Plain Text”. You should be able to copy the information correctly from that view.

  5. Anagram is a brilliant application. I cannot understand why Microsoft hasn’t bought Anagram and built Nicholas technology into Outlook.

    The cost of the Outlook version is embarrassingly trivial given the power of Anagram.

    Try it, and you will buy it…

  6. I just bought Gwabbit for Outlook, before ever hearing of Anagram. Gwabbit does a pretty good job and the price is significantly less than Anagram’s. Since we appear to have somebody affiliated with Anagram’s attention here, would you care to do your sales pitch why Anagram is worth the extra 20 bucks?
    I use Gwabbit in Outlook, $19.99, along with gSyncit to sync Outlook to my gmail/google apps accounts for contacts $9.99, and I still come up ahead on the price.
    Haven’t tried the Google gadget for Anagram yet but that looks to be most useful. Just installed. Thanks.

    • Both applications are worth much more than their costs in terms of time saved if you use them frequently. I think the obvious differences are that Anagram captures appointments as well as contacts, can capture from any source of text like a document or web site, and in my brief testing was more accurate and refined.

      Give the 45-day free trial a spin.

  7. Well 0.9.5 works on Storm but definitely not very Storm friendly.

  8. It`s NOT free!!!!!

    Only 45 days of trial

  9. Just posted a blog entry about the issues some people are seeing with Anagram for BlackBerry:

    • Sure hope you guys clean this up for Storm.
      The way it uses the touch screen is far more annoying the the workaround for the HTML thingy.

      • Yes, we have been informed of some issues on the Storm that didn’t come up in our testing. I’ll add those to the blog. Basically it looks like the standard dialog boxes built into the BlackBerry are not very Storm friendly. We’ll have to see what the alternatives are.

        • Just discovered the key to this issue is Storm’s “compatibility mode” which is a bit of a misnomer. Go to Options (the wrench icon) >> Advanced Options >> Applications and find Anagram in the list. Click the menu button on it and choose “Disable compatibility mode”. That should sort this out!

  10. Anagram has been updated with fixes for most of the issues mentioned above. See our blog:

  11. Here’s the new direct download link for OS4.5 and above:

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