StopTilt – Disable Your Storm’s AutoTilt Feature

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One thing I cannot stand is how RIM is continuously missing the small things when it comes to building the dream OS for our precious BlackBerrys. For instance, a lot of people have been getting irritated of the Storm’s autotilt feature. Disabling and enabling should be a NATIVE feature in the Storm’s OS but its not.

Fortunately for us, Ajani InfoTech Private Limited have come to the rescue. They have been tinkering with the ability to stop the autotilt. They have appropriately called it StopTilt.

This does exactly what it’s named to do. It stops the Storm from autotilting when you don’t want it to. Simple, right? That’s because it is. StopTilt can be switched on and off separately for each application. For example, you can have it locked in Portrait Mode on the main screen, have it locked in Landscape Mode while you are surfing the mobile net and have it disabled when reading emails. All at the same time!

From the developer:

“If you are tired of Storm auto rotating the screen exactly when you don’t want it to, then this is the perfect solution for you. Lock it!

Now you can use your Storm from the comfort of your bed without having to worry about orientation! Read your emails in portrait mode, or browse websites in landscape mode or whichever way you like.”

I have had my Storm for over a month now and I am in love, although, I have to admit that I have been getting slightly (note: slightly) irritated just like the rest of the Storm community about the autotilt feature. Especially when reading the news on the internet. So I am excited that Ajani InfoTech has come up with this and will continue to use it.

RIM: If you reading this, maybe it’s time to have public betas with your OS’s. It would be a great way to get feedback for applications or features that should be native. Like this one.

Pros: Enable and Disable as user sees fit!

Cons: Battery pulls reset configuration.

You can pick up StopTilt here on trial and if you like it, can purchase it for the inaugural price of $2.99 (until May 18th). After that it will be $9.95.

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  1. To be fair, you could have at least mentioned “Storm Rotation Wizard”. It has the same functionalities but at least the price won’t go up to $9.95 (retail price is $2.99). And apparently, Storm Rotation Wizard is the best selling product of the 2 in your store…

  2. My apologies but this was a review for StopTilt only. Not a comparison. I will try to review Storm Rotation Wizard at another time & give them the same attention. Thanks!

  3. This is for anyone debating which app to try/purchase:

    While the two apps do the exact same thing, in my opinion stoptilt is better for the simple fact that it requires less clicks to turn on per screen, and because both apps require individual screen settings, the fewer the clicks the better (especially because they have to be applied every time you exit or reset).

    For instance, to setup storm rotation wizard, you have to bring up the menu, click the app, click the orientation, and then click ok on the notification.

    While with stoptilt, you bring up the menu and click the app and you’re done.

    While the price of stoptilt will be higher in the future, as of now it’s equal and it offers a free trial (which storm rotation wizard does not).

  4. Perfect and a doddle to use. Just what the storm needed. If someone could now do an app that disables screen clicking for typing it would be nearer perfect.

  5. Doesn’t work in the gmail app, even though the menu option is there

    • It does not work with most third party apps (that’s just how it is for now – it’s not a glitch or mistake). Each third party developer, however, can/could have done this for their app from the start, the option has always been available to them. I’m hoping that as these two apps gain popularity, the bigger guys like Google will start to implement the option in future releases.

  6. There is now a free app just like this called OrientationLock at

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