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New 8900 & 9000 Theme Site – CrackShak.Com

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My friend Todd let me know about a new site a friend of his created called CrackShak.Com. As soon as he told me this, you know I got excited and went right over there to check it out! I was able to get a hold of his 50×50 Bottom & Hidden Docks Today theme for the Bold and I have to tell you…I likey a lot 🙂

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What you have on this theme is brilliant images and a hidden bottom dock of I think the most icons I have seen on a bottom dock theme as well as hidden side dock of 4 icons. If one of those icons is the calendar or messages icons, and you highlight it, the entries will show up in the middle. Anyway, I really liked how nice and smooth this theme worked and it is wallpaper customizable so that was another plus.

Now the price of this theme is only $5.00 and is available for the 8900 & 9000. There are also several other versions and styles of this theme on the website as well so take a hop on down to CrackShak.Com to check it out for yourself. Ordering any theme requires you to set up a ‘free’ registration first and from there I assume enter payment details, etc. but there’s a contact email you can use if you have any questions first.

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  1. Their Webiste has a Trojan Virus. I went there and my Antivirus Avast alerted me. Damn! I am never going to the webiste again.


    • Hi Webchetan,

      Sorry for any inconvenience. I uploaded this site from both my work computer (Mac) and home computer (pc) and didn’t encounter any problems with this site. If I had, I certainly would have brought it to the attention of the site owner. My apologies.

  2. Oh btw, I was lucky that I was able to abort the connection as my Antivirus told me too. Man I love Avast Home Edition antivirus its rocking than McAffee and Symantec Norton. They both suck and take up lot of Memory usage and resources.

    Avast is the best if anyone is looking for a free Antivirus 🙂

  3. The website isn’t a trojan of any kind. Your Antivirus application must not like the name of the site or something.

  4. Didn’t trigger my anti virus. Sounds like you’re just pushing an anti virus software to me.

  5. I got the same thing about the virus, and no I’m not pushing any anti-virus.

    LOL, but I’ll pass on this. New site and possibility of a virus = no thanks for this gal!

  6. Vicky, I love this site, and I get your news stories in my feed. However, I wish I could remove the stories about themes from my feed. Come on, is it really news everytime someone creates a new theme? Anyone can create their own themes using the free desktop program.

    • Yes is true that anyone can make their own themes most people don’t have the time to search every theme site to find one they like or to make their own themes, having a bit of theme making experience to make some of theme themes takes time and patience +creativity, we features themes on here to make it easier for those who are looking for that just like you like our news there others who like us for the themes and if you use VIIGo for your needs feeds it is really easy to ignore or simply delete the feeds you don’t necessary care for.

    • MH, I am sorry that the theme posts annoy you. I’ve been writing them for about a year now and so far you are the first reader who has complained about them…although that may not mean that you are the only person not interested in themes…you are probably not in the majority. It seems our theme directory is one of the most popular spots on our sites. Also, I usually review themes that get submitted to us so am just doing ‘my job’…happily so mind you as I myself am a ‘theme junkie’. That said, I am not so sure creating themes, at least quality ones, is that easy. Perhaps you could challenge me and create one yourself and see how well you can do? 😉

      • Hi Vicky,

        Please disregard that reader and keep posting themes! I read all of your posts with interest (granted I am a theme junkie). You have made some great discoveries though, keep them coming!



  7. Vicky, keep up your great theme announcements and mini-reviews, don’t stop!

  8. keep up da good work Vicky, we got love for u!!

  9. From what I can tell, Avast giving you a warning about the “HTML:IFrame-EE [Trj]” detect is valid.

  10. Thanks to those that gave me a thumbs up to continue with theme posts…hooray for us ‘theme junkies’! LOL :-))

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