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phonelog Sometimes these teeny little apps pack the most punch. Or maybe it’s because I wasn’t  looking for anything fancy to keep track of my phone calls…and when I made them. I just wanted something easy that could tell me who I called – and when – so I could mark it down in my calendar.

With PhoneLog, it does it for me. All I had to do, once I downloaded, was to enable a few settings and voila! any calls I made after that point started showing up in my calendar. Then I could easily go into each entry to check the time the call was made, the contact and how long the call was.

calendar Now, I’m not sure what other phone log apps this particular app compares to, so perhaps we’ll find out by some of our readers in the comments section. What I do know, however, is that PhoneLog is a simple application that allows you to keep track of your phone call minutes, who you talked to, and when. It also allows you to sync your device calendar to a variety of other calendars such as MS Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.

More information can also be found at this link. PhoneLog is available for BlackBerry devices running OS 4.3 & higher with a data plan. It’s cheap at only $1.99 but it gets better as from now, until May 31st, you can get it in our store for only .99 cents. Now if that ain’t a bargain…I don’t know what it is.

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  1. This looks similar in function to myCallLogs, which I purchased and use regularly. That app, by ToySoft, includes a filter option and can optionally track minutes against a limited plan, if you’re in that boat. myCallLogs is more than a buck or two, though – I think I paid $5 for it. Worth every penny for folks who have to bill for their time.

  2. BlackTrack ( is a free tool that tracks all your phone and e-mail activity and sends a report to you via e-mail. Its fully automatic, free and designed for folks who need to bill their time in a timesheet. It would be OK for tracking your phone usage, but its really designed for lawyers, engineers, consultants and other billers of time.

  3. BlackTrack Log won’t work on the BB Tour as I found out earlier this week when I switch from the 8830 World edition. If you hear of any solutions, I’d love to know about them. Thx.

    • There is an upgrade available from our website The upgrade, among many enhancements, allows you to select a file format called .BT This is still a HTML format report, but with a different file extension. Some phones, dependant on their operating systems and service book updates, don’t permit the sending of .htm files. So this new version of BlackTrack simply renames the file and it sends fine. Once received on your computer, you can open the .bt file in just about any spreadsheet, word processor or browser.

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