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Top 10 Free Applications on my BlackBerry – What About You?

Top 10 winner Akash reminded me that it has been a LONG time since we did a “Top 10” applications I use on my BlackBerry. I actually started this list as a regular Top 10 including paid applications. That is when I realized that there are only three paid applications that I actually use. CryptMagic which is no longer being developed and Chuzzle/Bookworm from Bplay that I play infrequently. So I decided to only list the free Top 10 applications I use.

  1. MobiPocket eBook ReaderOTA link – Top notch eBook reader/creator for your BlackBerry
  2. Viigo RSS ReaderOTA link – Where do you think I find all my news?
  3. Google TalkOTA link – Chat all you want with instant notifications
  4. Google MapsOTA link – Find your friends with latitude and GPS maps
  5. Facebook for BlackBerryOTA link – This app is the only reason I signed up for Facebook in the first place
  6. MidpSSH Custom BuildOTA link – Opensource SSH client that works now that Rove Mobile SSH is gone
  7. AppOTA link – I live off Amazon Prime. I even order toilet paper from them… 🙂
  8. BBTetris/BlockBerryOTA link – Awesome Tetris game that only gets better
  9. BBWeatherOTA link – Simple and neat forecasts with an interactive homescreen icon
  10. BBFileScoutOTA link – The file manager that RIM should have given us in the first place

Post your own top 10 below in a comment so that we can duke it out for the best of the best. Let me know if I missed anything. Enjoy!

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  1. Opera Mini? Opera is a great browser. I wonder if SkyFire however will replace it once I FINALLY get to install SkyFire on my 8900. Pandora? MyPoynt? Qik? SocialScope? All of these I would recommend to anyone as well. While Upvise seems to get no love, I also really like Upvise.

  2. Here is my Top10:
    1. Viigo
    2. WeatherBug
    3. Google Talk
    4. Pageonce Assistant
    5. Bloomberg
    6. Facebook
    7. Google Maps with Latitude
    8. TwitterBerry
    9. iheartradio
    10. StormOTA

  3. These aren’t in any particular order

    1. Instango
    2. Freerange RSS
    3. Slacker (tops all the other apps due to caching)
    4. amazeGps
    5. Navita Translator (translations without having to switch apps = awesome)
    6. Evernote (just got it though…)
    7. Ubertwitter (still beta, liking it though)
    8. Bolt
    9. KeepassBB (better than most of the paid secure info apps)
    10. ITookThisOnMyPhone

  4. 1. Slacker Radio
    2. Google Maps
    3. BerryWeather (BeWeather in App World Land)
    4. Pageonce
    5. YouMail Visual Voicemail Plus
    6. AP Mobile News
    7. Poynt
    8. iStockManger
    9. Instango
    10. Viigo
    Honorable Mention: Amazon App

  5. I was going to give YouMail an honourable mention as well. It’s really the service more than the app.
    I’m not sure where I would be without PacMan (OTA link: ) probably actually getting things done.

    Also, must give honourable mention to the Jewish Calendar App(

    • The pacman link you provided doesn’t let me install anything, just lists text info

    • Hey I just tried to download from that link u left for pacman but it didn’t work it said something about cod error not sure but do u have another one I can use I love pacman and have been searh everywhere…I have a BB curve

  6. 1) Slacker
    2) Poynt
    3) AP News (got it back when it was free)
    4) YouMail
    5) Viigo (just got the alpha)
    6) Google Maps
    7) ESPN Quick Link(not really an app, but i use it)
    8) Tiltris
    9) Opera Mini (also expect to replace it with Skyfire whenever it is released)
    10) Smrt Guard

    I tried the Mobipocket ebook reader and i could never get it to actually close. It was always running in the background so i got rid of it. I liked that you can download a creator version to your desktop and convert just about anything…just didnt like that it always was running. Already have enough issues with my STORM.

    Honorable mention would also have to go to Vlingo and Weatherbug…

    • I could never get MobiPocket Reader to close either and always wondered why it was running in the background (really has no reason too). Having said that my BB’s ran just as well with it on as off – it didn’t use any noticeable amount of processing power resources and didn’t have any memory leak that I noticed. For me, it was worth keeping it on since I found myself doing so little reading without it on my device.

      Top 10 in no particular order…

      *BerryBuzz – custom LED colors for different alerts and it has a vibe for ring function which also let me retire Vibe and Ring, which had been on my phone.

      *iBerry Black and White List – This works with no lag for me and quickly dispatches unwanted ruffians to the isolation chamber (aka voicemail).

      *Splash Money – nice account keeper that has a desktop sync and export function. Lets me keep track of my accounts and net worth (or net worthlessness) at any given time.

      *Berry Dialer – application that lets me enter calling card details and then adds a menu option allowing me to dial contacts from the Address Book or from the Phone app with that calling card. So much easier than pulling out the card and dialing the details everytime. It think it’s overpriced for most people, but I use it so often it’s worth it to me.

      *Aerize Card Loader – Allows me to quickly load and use some apps that I can’t afford (memory or resource wise) to have on my BB’s all the time, but do need to use occasionally.

      *MS Dict – Dictionary app for use when I’m writing. Overpriced IMO, but useful to me.

      *Quick Pull – Very useful on my 8100 since there is no shortcut reboot (and also since I’m told the shortcut reboot doesn’t work as well as a battery pull or a Quickl Pull reboot). Nice scheduled reboot feature that makes it worth having on my other BB’s. Free.

      *Phone Logs – Automatically enters phone log info into the Calendar for archival. New version also logs SMS.

      *Bilby Light – Flashlight part doesn’t work too well (doesn’t turn on the LEDs, just the screen), but it’s good for keeping the screen active and preventing timing out when using other apps where you might be waiting for something and get annoyed by the screen timing out. Free.

      *Trek Buddy – offline GPS app. Doesn’t give turn by turn directions, but does allow you to make your own maps using things like Google maps and load them to your card for offline browsing and usage. Very useful if you’re out of coverage areas, or traveling. Free.

    • Sending a capital Q while Mobipocket is running will shut it down completely, and cause the USB loader (the part that shows on the task list) to be unloaded as well.

      I do a Caps / q button press combination to close Mobi, rather than using the Menu / Close way, just for this reason.

  7. One app I like that didn’t fit, GoodFoodNearYou

  8. Bold top ten app

    1. BB messenger
    2. Facebook
    3. Beejive IM
    4. WeatherBug
    5. G Talk
    6. Window Live Msgr
    7. Bolt browser
    9. Amazon App
    10. Telenav

  9. 1) Ubertwitter
    2) Facebook
    4) BB messenger (can I count this)
    5) Iheartradio
    6) Slacker radio
    7) Itookthisonmyradio
    8) Crackberry (app or just a shortcut?)
    9) BerryReview (same question)

  10. 1. Google Mobile App
    2. WSJ Mobile Reader
    3. Upvise
    4. Shazam
    5. KeePass
    6. BBWeather
    7. iTookThisOnMyPhone
    8. Dexrex
    9. Slacker Radio
    10. Yatca

  11. I like the lists folks are leaving, but I think the original post was shooting for free apps:
    For me, in no order…
    – BBweather (the current beta version)…pretty good for free but if I had to pay BeWeather/BerryWeather for sure.
    – Palringo – connect to multiple IM networks for free. I like BeeJive if I was going to pay…
    – Yammer – free social network for my office. Versions for Bberry and iPhone
    – Opera Mini – once skyfire come sout though I will probably switch to it
    – BBMaps or Google Maps
    – Facebook – not as good as iPhone but does the basics
    – Bubble Popper – picked this up for free at one point. Fun game to kill time with
    – Gmail – I like having my Gmail separate from my General inbox
    – Docs to Go – Free version does a lot!
    – [insert radio app here] – still haven’t decided which one I like the best

  12. 1.Blackberry Messenger
    2.Windows Live Messenger

  13. cool I see lots of different apps
    here are mine :

    1. Viigo
    2. Socialscope
    3. amazon
    6. arvest mobile banking (available for many banks through verizon, att )

    7. BB weather
    9. Loc profiler
    10. aerize card loader

  14. 1. Garmin (life of device subscription for 100 clams)
    2, Podtrapper (so many podcasts so little time)
    3. BBSmart Alarms Pro
    4. Slacker Radio (premium. I want to skip a ton.)
    5. Berry Weather
    6. AllSport GPS Platinum ( A must for thoes who do outdoor activities)
    7. Shazam (nuff said)
    8. Tv Guide Mobile (so easy)
    9. RDM+ (Good to keep tabs on the desktop / laptop)
    10. BBTetris ( tried blockberry and went back)

    Honorable Mention

    *Vib and Ring (nice to ring and vibrate at the same time)
    *Golden tee golf (had it on the curve and its so much faster and cleaner on the bold)


  16. 1. BB Messenger
    2. Viigo
    3. e-mobile Weather
    3. BBTran (translator)
    4. BBFileScout
    5. BerryBuzz
    6. QuickPull
    7. Bejeweled 🙂
    8. Shazaam
    9. Bolt Browser
    10. CaptureIt

  17. Viigo
    Worldmate Live
    Weather Eye
    Capture It
    Quick Pull
    Berry Unit Converter
    FaceCall (Storm only)

  18. In no special order:
    1. Super pages mobile
    2.Radio companion
    3.Google maps
    5.Weather eye
    6. Gtalk
    7. Pandora
    8.** Qsms** (amazing app than can set a a button to send an sms)
    9.Tv guide mobile
    10.I heart radio

    Honorable mentions
    3. Shazam

  19. BBFileScout
    BB App World App
    Google Maps
    Opera Mini
    Quickpull v2
    WorldMate Live

  20. 1. MaraTick
    Awesome free shopping list app

    2. Facebook for Blackberry
    Enough said because Myspace is horrid

    3. Weather v1.01.18 by Gergely Gati
    Powered by Accuweather, great free weather app

    4. Sunclock v1.03.26 by Gergely Gati
    Great for frequent travelers, displays on a world map

    5. Viigo
    News news news

    6. BBTetris
    Fun tetris game!

    7. MarketFilters Analysis –
    Follow your stocks for free

    8. Windows Live Messenger
    Because windows live messenger trumps yahoo!

    9. Slacker Mobile
    Addicted to slacker!

    10. Opera Mini
    Because the BB browser is horrid!

  21. 1. Viigo, hands down the best app I have on my Blackberry!! I am addicted to it.
    2. Google Maps
    3. MSN Live Search
    4. SmrtGuard
    5. Opera Mini
    6. GTalk
    7. IM+ w/ Skype Beta
    8. BBFileScout
    9. Etrade
    10. BB Light

  22. In order of Use:

    1. BBMessenger
    2. Google Maps
    3. Mobipocket Reader/Creator
    4. BBFileScout
    5. Viigo
    6. Berry411
    7. Slacker
    8. MobileMule
    9. Docs to Go
    10. BBLight

    Honorable Mention:
    Asteroid Jane
    I Love BlackBerry

  23. Not in any particular order….

    1. Facebook
    2. Myspace
    3. BuzzMe
    4. Viigo
    5. Ubertwitter
    6. Slacker
    7. iheartradio
    8. Pandora
    9. StormLocker
    10. YouTube

  24. 1 facebook
    2 windowos live messenger
    R blaCkberry messenger
    4 google maps
    5 ufym video free downloader
    6 free download app
    7 buzz me
    8 od.rg ringtones
    9 navita. Translator
    10 get jar apps

  25. 1 Facebook (new Version 1.5 with adressbook sync)
    2 Google maps (Latitude disabled)
    3 Roboform for BB (use your Roboform-password-cards)
    4 GPSed for BB (GPS-Logger)
    5 Sudoku (installed on newer BB like Bold)
    6 BBFileScout (File-Explorer, Zip an unzip Files…)
    7 I Love Blackberry (interesting stats of your BB use. Never show your wife!)
    8 klickTel for Blackberry (german software. reverse tel-number search)
    9 Capture It
    10 Mobipocket Reader

    But what I am really searching for is the HID-Driver for my Bold so I can use my Bluetooth-Keyboard for text input.

  26. Not really a top 10 but here are some I consider totally worth having:

    Quicktext (used many times every day)
    MaraTick (great list-making app)
    Mail by google
    Google maps

  27. How about doing away with the calculate button and having the outputs computed on the fly?

    Also the ability for the app to remember the last tax rate used would be nice.

    While you’re at it, how about just doing away with all the buttons and putting things side-by-side while in ladscape mode. That way, we don’t have to scroll the screen when the keyboard is up. (I’m running a Storm 9530).

    Lastly, (I’m not trying to be rude, but), what is the point of the Tip Per Diner line? IMO, it just creates needless confusion.
    All that’s needed really is the following:
    Tip Amount:
    Total Due (incl. tax & tip):
    Total Per Diner:

    Well, I’ll be watching this article for your thoughts/updates.

  28. Oops, never mind my last…

    I posted in the wrong tab.

    My bad…

  29. For the storm…
    1. Ubertwitter
    2. Facebook
    3. Meterberry
    4. Flycast
    5. App world
    6. Scoremobile
    7. Bbweather
    8. Youmail
    9. Patternlock lite

  30. Top 10 free apps:

    1. Facebook
    2. Gtalk
    3. QuickPull
    4. Forward, Reply and Edit
    5. Viigo
    6. WSJ reader
    7. Google Maps
    8. BBWeather
    9. Appworld
    10. Amazon

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