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FAQ: MicroSD Card Corruption Requires Disk Error-Checking Utility

This has happened to me a few times on my BlackBerry and I am glad RIM has finally addressed the issue with a recent knowledge base article. Ever gotten this error after unplugging your BlackBerry from your computer?

A Media Card has been inserted that contains errors. To correct the errors please use a disk error-checking utility on a computer.

My first reaction when I got this error was “CRAP what about all my pictures!” Then I realized it is a simple as plugging your BlackBerry into your PC and running CheckDisk to fix the errors. Some of you may not have realized that so I thought I would share.

  1. Plug your BlackBerry into a Windows computer and turn on mass storage mode if it is not already turned on
  2. Open My Computer.
  3. Right-click the appropriate Removable Disk.
  4. Click Tools, and then click Check Now.
  5. Select Automatically fix file system errors, and then click Start.

Things should work just fine after that! At least it worked the last two times I got this error. Not sure if there is a way to do this on a Mac but let me know! I personally think it sucks that RIM cannot just include the disk checking utility on your BlackBerry since your only option from the device is to format it completely and lose your data…

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  1. I plug my BB and memory sticks in all the time and I never get this issue unless I forget to Eject or Safely remove the devices before I pull them. If you don’t do this, some of the data tables on the card don’t point to the right bits. Just like a harddrive.


    • I agree with Paul – I would get this error almost every disconnect if I dont hit the “Safely Remove..” icon in system tray.

      Remember, when you run the CheckDisk it will recover information and throw a tiny file on the microSD card. Delete to free the space back up, if you so desire…

    • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I got the error code and freaked out then realized I had absolutely no access to my info on the card. All those ring tones and all that time it just about made me sick. Wonderful Google gave me to you and you saved the day. Infinite Blessings to you Paul.

  2. just happened to me yesterday on a mac..unplugged it without dismounting it by accident..

    sucks cause I have to use bootcamp to fix..

  3. I have a question about the media card… My blackberry has been unlocked by t-mobile and i have Vodafone service on it in germany. I started using my media card about 3 days ago and ever since ive been getting an error code (im not sure what it is at the moment) i cant make or recieve calls when its in this mode, i usually dont figure it our until i try to make a call. all i can figure is that there is a problem with my media card or it could have something to do with the fact that i have a phone out of the defected batch that came from RIM to suncom, ive been through 5 BB since 2007-august. if any one has any explaination as to why my media card would be affecting my phone like this or has a solutoin to the problem please share!! Thank You!!!!

  4. thank u so much for posting that! i jus got my 8gb memory card and like some i added my pics and songs and jus pulled it out and of course i got “THE MESSAGE” and i could not figure out how in the world i could fix it! so…i googled it and i finally found an answer that worked! thanks again!


  6. When I click on “Tools” I don’t have the option of “Automatically fix file system errors” etc! :o(

  7. thank you for posting this.. 😀
    it works !

  8. thanks for the “critical” advice. I did exactly as you said with no problems. thanks again.

  9. Ronen, Thank you so much for this tip. It seemed to work great. I can’t find my lost music or pictures (some of which are not replaceable) but at least it corrected that media card.

    Not sure what caused it but what a pain it is having this happen.

    Thanks again!

  10. I rebooted my phone and my pictures and music are all back.

    Thank you SOOO much!

  11. stephanie, right click on the removable disk, click properties then you got the tools where the check disk option is available

  12. I have a brand new MicroSD card and put it in my Blackberry curve, I did everything you have mentioned but when I check the Automatically fix file system errors and click start, the message is that Windows was unable to complete disk check. Any ideas what to do next?

  13. thanks this helped alot

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