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Bold & 8900 OS Found Online!

image-thumb1Sorry Storm users but the Bold and 8900 just got a newer build of the upcoming OS 5.0 today thanks to CrackBerry. This latest build is compared to the previous .90. Not sure yet what is new in this version but I highly recommend not installing this unless you know what you are doing. OS 5.0 has compatibility problems with many applications.

Bold Download @ Rapidshare
8900 Download @ RapidShare

On the other hand there are a ton of features in OS 5.0 that really can make it worth your while! Let me know how it goes.

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

Thanks Walter for sending this one in!

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  1. Anyone brave enough to try this on their 8900?

  2. Brave enough?? Not I, I’ve bricked many BB’s in my day. I’ll wait and hear some feedback before I take the plunge.

  3. Works great. Pandora works in this OS! Faster than .90. Browser screams! Overall OS is snappier as well. Fuzzy font issue is fixed in camera, still there on the homescreen (PM is anyways). Random fat font on emails is still there, unfortunately. Browser works out of the box now, no workaround necessary! Enjoy!

  4. I have found that:
    Live Messenger – Works
    Yahoo Messenger – Works
    Facebook – Does Not Work (Not In Apps Menu)
    MySpace – Does Not Work (Not In Apps Menu)
    Poynt – Works
    Viigo – Works (Needs Latest Alpha)
    Opera Mini – Does Not Work

    I really want Opera Mini to work!! If anyone thinks this list is wrong, please let us know.

  5. Anyone know how the 8900 build works with BBweather or Shazzam? That’s to the poster for mentioning Pandora!

    Also, does anyone use 5.0.x and UMA? Curious how stable that is..

  6. I’m about to download and put on my phone does anyone know if slacker works or 123 spoof app work. I use the spoof app the most would really appreciate that working. I’m on 5.0.090 and it doesn’t work on that

  7. PLease anyone hit me up n let me know if this is cool 4 my t mobile 8900. Last time i did this Viigo did not work and the T mobile Myfaves didnt work. Let me know, if this is a go!

  8. Yahoo messenger is not working
    windows live messenger is not working
    facebook is not working
    all in my bold…..TT

  9. ok everyone did it and everything is working fine. myfaves are working. i guess i have to download viigo again but like a person said earlier u have to uninstall it and reinstall it. not a big deal. UMA on 8900 works smoother. made a couple calls. wrote to my broski at the same time. satified. oh yeah browser seems faster.

  10. I am not brave enough to try this one, since all the instant messaging & facebook are not made for this OS.5 so we have to wait till those instant messanger & fb come out with somethin for this OS…be patience guys…

  11. downloaded and installed, even after all the comments, i have to decided that i can help tweek it by using 5.0, remember it has a feedback setup in 5.0 so if things dont work properly we can give feedback to help developers improve on it, come on people lets do our part to make bb, be all it should be for all. i will keep u posted

  12. oracle has a good point. It is not really that OS 5.0 doesn’t work with FaceBook; it is that FaceBook is not ready for OS 5.0. I guess I am going to take the plunge and get this version. I can always use the web version of FaceBook, on the BB Browser.

  13. And yes I’ve installed it on my 8900 there r some problems viigo not working

  14. Sorry guys I’m on a bold. A few new apps do work on this new os compared to .90. Slacker works and viigo works. Face book and myspace 123 spoof apps do not work. Also they took away the media break down of in the menu options of the media player. But everything is way faster from the delay of flipping through ur pics and scrolling though the icons. I like this one a lot better. You weak suck out there who don’t wanna try the new os cuz things don’t work is a excuse. Maybe bb wasn’t made for you to have.

  15. I hope people are still reading this thread to offer advice. So far with my 8900 is pretty good, but the following don’t work: Pandora 1.0.3, BBWeather 0.84, VyMail Pandora gave me a DNS error, and that is my first guess why these are all not working. Help!

  16. @Nikolaus – I have a Bold, and Pandora 1.0.3 works fine with 5.0.93, without even re-installing Pandora. I did have to reboot the Bold after installing 5.0, but I think everybody has to. Just so you know. Try rebooting your 8900. Hope this helps.

  17. Well people deleted viigo and reinstaled and worked great, pandora works, espn did not so its bookmarked on browser and well docs 2 go is not working. But can view attachments but all in all a good move up

  18. now my bluetooth doesnt pair it restarts the phone. i upgraded then downgraded to put prime time 2 go on the phone. the upgraded again and now this. any help would be greatly appreciated

  19. is the 5.0 bold firmware officially released or just a beta version?

  20. i already try on my bold 9000 and my 8900 jave. the is good but i lost my facebook application (i don’t mine @ all). and my bbm downgrade to 4.6
    have try.

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