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Beyond160 Adds Extended/Multipart SMS Support to CDMA BlackBerrys

Compose-9530-lcd I have not had a CDMA BlackBerry for quite awhile so I have to feign a little ignorance on this application. I checked with a few friends about this issue and it seems to be true. If you have ever written a text message longer than 160 characters on a GSM BlackBerry you know it will let you keep going and break the SMS into 160 character chunks and send them separately. This is called Extended/Multipart SMS and lets you send up to 6 messages combined though it still charges you for each one.

This works like a charm for me on AT&T and T-Mobile so I always assumed this was the case for Verizon and Sprint. As far as I can tell it looks like I was wrong… It looks like both Verizon & AT&T both support Extended SMS on their networks as far as I could tell but it is not supported on the BlackBerry CDMA OS.

CannonSoft let me know that they have a solution for all of you long texting users. 🙂 They created a new application called Beyond160 that lets you send text messages beyond 160 characters on Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, Telus, and Bell and other CDMA carriers. With Beyond160, you can type as much as you want, and when you send, it will automatically split the message into multiple parts (each 160 characters) and send them in sequence. And best of all, Beyond160 messages get routed through the normal SMS Outbox with Delivery Confirmation just like the built-in app.

The app is a bit pricey at $6.99 but CannonSoft is offering a special price until May 10th where you can pick it up for $4.99 using the code BRBEYOND160LAUNCH at this link.

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Nice little app, but this is really only a problem for Verizon users. Sprint’s are chopped up similar to AT&T and T·Mobile.

    • yes…. but you have to type separate text messages as well… you can’t just type and type and then send… you run out of space.
      That is what this app fixes.

      At least for me on Sprint. Trying it now.

  2. FINALLY!! I am on verizon and this has been a pain. It is actually device specific, as I used to have an lg chocolate and it would let me keep typing after 160 characters. This will let me keep going and not have to: stop typing, save, new text, keep typing, save, new text, forget what I was writing about, save, go back, re-read last sentence, go back, open saved, keep typing lol. This was a pain. Good find

  3. I have an 8830 WE, and I can confirm that this is a problem. A friend of mine said he used to have a Sprint Curve that auto-split the messages, but mine never has.

  4. well proly a no go with telus cause they have the limit to 140 not 160

  5. nvm it does work this is nice

  6. You cannot type more than 160 characters in a single message with a Curve on Sprint. It will not let you. You have to split the messages yourself.

    This app works and works well I think.

    Like it a lot.

  7. yup i do to gameboy thank god for this app lol

  8. And here I always assumed everybody could do multipart sms… I guess us GSM users are treated well…

  9. How does this app work? Is ita seperate app that u type into just wondering if devs have some way into the message api now?!? Threaded messaging :/

  10. yea there is just one bug with this app cause telus does 140 so i was able to send a long text in 3 parts but it cut out half the stuff so i think they should do a 140 version for us that are on a crap carrier

  11. I’m on the same boat as Brian. I have a 8330 on Bell and apparently it only allows for 140 characters per msg. I hope the developer can make an updated version for us on a crap carrier as Brian said, and I’ll be all over this bad boy.

  12. @Brian

    I will be posting an update tonight for Telus and Bell users with an option to choose 140 characters as the message size instead of 160. Please email me so I can have you test it: beyond160-at-cannonsoft-dot-com (remove dashes and convert symbols)

  13. Any free trial/free downloads????

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