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Viigo Adds Pageonce Stock & Financial Info Integration

viigopageonce3 Viigo let me know that they have partnered with Pageonce to pull your financial information into Viigo. Pageonce is a premium BlackBerry application that lets you aggregate your finances and other accounts on your BlackBerry. It charges $9.95/year for their service with a free 14 day trial. On the other hand if you do not need their BlackBerry app you can get almost all of what Pageonce offers and more totally free from Yodlee MoneyCenter or Mint which both have mobile websites.

The new tie-in with Viigo is now available in the Stocks & Finance channel and is Viigo’s first “for-a-fee” feature. The Pageonce integration adds the ability to build custom stock portfolios or view industry portfolios, access exchange rates and receive the latest breaking financial news and analysis. You do not need to pay any more for the Pageonce integration so I guess that is nice.

I can see this getting interesting as Viigo starts adding other services to their fold. Personally I wish Viigo would focus more on a desktop tie-in for Viigo. Or better yet a way for it to sync read/unread status with Google Reader. That would really be a game changer!

Check out more info at Viigo’s press release

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  1. I don’t see it in my Viigo yet although I have reloaded and listings and channels many times.

  2. I don’t see pageonce in my stocks & finance either. I have uninstalled and reinstalled..still not there.

  3. How about when you go to menu>options do you see it at the bottom?

  4. I’m sure it just hasn’t been added ot the menus yet … I’m waiting as well …

  5. I see it in the options of the new private beta but that is only set to be released tomorrow. I just assumed they would be adding it as a channel to older versions

  6. The press release should have at least mention that this new feature is only available in the new version, which is not released until tomorrow. They can’t even do something so simple.

  7. Sorry guys. Should have had somebody check it on the current version. I will try next time

  8. I’d like to see Viigo focus on finishing their app first. Single character wide line rendering, still won’t save custom feed naming, so on. And why can’t Viigo figure out how to survive a reload? They sve your feeds list on a server and can restore it, but can’t keep track in that list of what articles have been read? And yeah, some desktop integration would be nice. Read status syncing with Outlook would help me a bunch too.
    But I know, its a free app, and it does most of what it does very nicely. So, end of vent…

  9. when the hell will google create a google reader app for blackberry? I’ll be happy to pay or read ads, but please just make the damn thing!!!!!

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