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Rumor: BlackBerry Curve 8900 Coming to AT&T in June?

8900_att I have a couple of friends who cannot wait to get their hands on a 8900 officially from AT&T. 3G has been quite flakey on the Bold with AT&T so some users are not seeing the advantage of the extra bulk. I was hoping that by now RIM would find a way to stuff 3G into the 8900 form factor but I guess it is not meant to be for GSM anytime soon.

The BoyGenius heard from one of his sources that the 8900 will be coming to AT&T sometime in June. It will more or less be the same device as T-Mobile’s 8900 so I guess the wait is not much longer.

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  1. I didn’t read ALL 100 comments to the BGR pst, but what I did read seems more people are talking about 9630 Tour on Verizon (thus week announce?) than are talking 8900 on ATT!

    So, anyone think this will hit as the 8920 when ATT launches? It DOES have wifi and EDGE whuc qualifies it as a 8x2x like ATT 8820 and 8320 and 8120 right?

  2. AT&T confirms early Summer availability for the BlackBerry Curve 8900



  3. how exciting can a device be that uses EDGE only in 2009? come on guys. anyone that thinks that is ok is kidding themselves…

    oh hey please leave me a voicemail because i was surfing the web when you called. oh sorry my brand new BB only does voice or data, not both.

    RIDICULOUS any way you slice it.

    • Hey everyone Kyle thinks it is “RIDICULOUS any way you slice it.” so that must be the way it is.

      Hey douche, some of us do not care about “surfing the web” on our PHONE. Getting my calls and my emails are what I want from my BB.

      If I was as concerned about surfing the web, as you seem to be, I would get an iPOS where phone and email are secondary features.

      • seriously, grow a pair and leave your name already. or are you scared to after you made some childish comments?

        emails use data you moron. if you are downloading a 2mb attachment from an email, you will NOT be getting your phone call. how about doing some research before spewing nonsense?

        lack of 3G will kill this phone. its a decent device, but so is the 8310, 8300, 8700. most of the world does in face care about data, which is why most phones are 3G phones now. which is also why most networks are going to 3G and then to LTE – DATA enhancement.

  4. Seriously Kyle, you’re of the opinion that when downloading an email you can’t receive phone calls? Have you ever USED a BlackBerry for real?

    • Actually, yes, more than most in fact. When downloading a 2MB file or any data for that matter, you do in fact use data – not voice – and that is why you are required to have a data plan with all BB’s on all networks. And that is why data is relevant in most cases.

      You can NOT do simultaneous voice/data over the EDGE network. Its a fact. 3G is not just faster data, its also voice and data at the same time. If more understood that, more wouldn’t be satisfied with an EDGE device.

  5. Well Kyle, I think perhaps you never have actually used a BlackBerry. You are simply wrong on several points. Not all carriers require that you have a data plan, but what has that got to do with this post? And being in the act of downloading an email attachment does not disable the ability to receive a phone call.

    • You are wrong. I just tested a few different emails with real attachments (200-300kb), and downloaded while trying to call my device. WHADYA KNOW – straight to voicemail! Guess why genius – EDGE. Can’t do simultaneous voice/data. How hard is this concept to grasp?

  6. How about naming some of those points DavidB? I have a Bold. Been using it for 6 months. Had an 8310, 8300 (3 different ones in fact), and an 8700 in the past. Yes, I have used many different BB’s, those are just the ones I’ve owned.

    BB notifications of email do not come in while you are on the phone, period. Guess why? Yep, because the EDGE protocol doesn’t support simul voice/data.

    Shall I continue?

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