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RIM Releases (Buggy) Public Bug Tracker for Developers

blackberryissuetracker Now this is big news for developers. RIM has released a new public real time database of bugs and issues that developers have submitted. The new Issue Tracker also lets developers submit bugs and suggest possible fixes.

The problem is that there is a big bug with the new Issue Tracker. When I tried to register I got an error along with a bunch of information that I probably should not be seeing. RIM can consider this their first bug submission… 🙂

The upside of the buggy tracker system is that I now know what software RIM is using to run their new Issue Tracker. It is called JIRA Bug & Issue Tracker created by Atlassian. It lets them prioritize, assign, track, report, and audit their issues. They are running it on an Apache server with Tomcat out of Toronto. They are running version 3.13.2 of the JIRA Enterprise software (cost $4,800) on Apache Tomcat version 5.5.20 with an Oracle backend. There was more to it but I am not sure I want to publish that…

Hopefully once RIM gets the errors worked out we can let you know how it looks!

via CrackBerry

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  1. LOL, a buggy bug tracker.
    What steams me is why have to register in the first place for this, unless someone is brand new. Seems RIM can’t “integrate” anything, every new thing they bring out requires a new registration and login.

  2. 5 minutes!!!!!

    I was at my GF’s house and because I use my BlackBerry Curve 8330 quite a bit (BlackBerry abuser) I’m in the horrible position that I have my BlackBerry and my battery is as good as dead. I ask her for her BlackBerry charger and plug it into a wall outlet.

    In the meantime I was out on the terrace with her and her dog just talking and then I remembered that I had to write an email to a friend, of course my BlackBerry is charging inside, but I reached my belt for my BlackBerry holster and of course the BlackBerry isn’t there. I said, “Oh right, it’s charging”.

    After 3 minutes I wan’t to show her the new photos I took with my BlackBerry that day, and again I reached for my belt and again I said to myself “Remeber, it’s charging”

    Then again happened to me when my girlfriend ask me to tell a friend what we were going to do that day (it was a friday) and then again I reached for my holster and then again i said to myself “OK get over it, it’s charging”.

    That’s when I realized that I couldn’t be without my BlackBery for about 5 minutes.

    BTW that has happened to me at least 5 times.

    Excellent contest!!!!

  3. I took my Bold apart in order to paint the Bezel flat black. After painting the bezel, I ended up having to go the next day of work without my Bold (which sucked to say the least). So when I got home, I would have had to do the clearcoat and then go another day without the phone, which was lying in pieces waiting for the bezel.

    Eventually I just said screw it, sanded all of the black and oem paint off the bezel, put the phone back together and ordered a pre-painted black bezel.

    So now I have two cans of paint lying around, an oem sanded bezel, and a whole bunch of waisted work (it takes a lot of effort to sand all the paint off) all because I was too lazy to wait a day…

  4. I was getting ready for work, as usual i showered ate breakfast, got dressed, normaly my phone is on the dresser with my wallet and keys, however this day it was on the night stand cause it needed to charge, i left my bedroom, in the kitchen to let the mutt out to poop, and pack a lunch for a long day, i said to myself not to forget my phone, as i left the house, yes without my phone i was already running behind, i drove half way to work about 20 miles, and realized the phone isnt in its holster on the dash, i paniced, i checked all my pokets and pulled over to check my breif case, nothing . i sat there for a minute and realized i left it on the night stand i fugured i could get along one day with out it, ha ha was i wrong, according to my office manager i was useless, all i could talk about was how i left my phone at home, and was not able to concentrate on any thing, i actually had to call tech support to get my email password so i could check my email from my office, which im not normally in, my boss decided that they would be ok if i took and extended lunch to get my phone, when i got back to work my boss said i looked different, i told her it felt like some one up and cut off my right hand.

    ive never left my phone at home since.

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