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SocialScope Lite: Free Twitter Client the Same as Full SocialScope?

socialscopelite We have mentioned SocialScope quite a few times on BerryReview as a awesome Twitter client that is in closed beta. Terry let me know that our buddy Mauricio at BBRocks spotted a SocialScope Lite version that looks to be the same as the full closed beta version. I did not notice any differences myself other than the fact that it looks like anybody can download the Lite version! It also has the tabs and Facebook support just like the full version.

Features include:

  • Add your Twitter and Facebook accounts for status updates
  • Multiple tabs for each account, saved searches and groups
  • Forward as Retweet, Email or SMS
  • Profile alerts for each type of Tweet
  • View user profiles, followers, friends, recent updates as well as follow/unfollow options
  • View your own profile
  • Visible “new tweet” notifications

You can pick up SocialScope Lite by heading over to this link from your desktop or BlackBerry and entering in your full name, email, and device series. You will then be sent a download link! I cannot post the direct OTA link since that is a unique URL that is automatically generated.

Keep up the good work SocialScope!

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  1. I downloaded the Lite version. But when I try to login to the lite version it forces me to download the old beta/alpha version which I had. So now I cannot log in! I registered with a new email and waiting for the invite from social scope to see if that does the trick. Any ideas? Any help Please?


    • If you already ha a login just cancel the login and hit options then go to settings and hit wipe all socialscope data this took care of the problem let me know if it helps

  2. Other option I have is to re-download the old version alpha/beta and then log in…
    Hmm…any advice?

  3. I think the link might be broken, or not working. I filled out the form and received the same “alpha testing is backlogged” email that I received a few weeks ago when looking for the real thing. Way to get my hopes up!

  4. Yet another waiting game from Social Scope! I filled out the monotonous form again (third time), let’s see if I get some sort of response this time around…

  5. Yep… once again I sign up for this I guess. Nothing new at all.

    First time was the second week of January. This is one of the poorest run alpha/beta tests I have seen.

  6. All I can say is that for a program which is not available to most people to generate this much buzz, it better be awesome when it is released. The time it has taken for this to be released and the secrecy with which it has been done is setting the company up for failure when people realize what they had been waiting for. That’s why it better rock…and do the dishes on top of that!

    –having said that….anyone have an invite they want to pass along?–

  7. Sorry guys it was open before. Not sure why they closed it again…

  8. I have a feeling this will turn out to be the most overhyped twitter program to date. As stated above, its lousy how they lag on releasing this to the public. If it isn’t ready to pass out to the masses, quit creating buzz with your “select few” beta test.

  9. I snagged it, operating fine on my Verizon 8130 (4.5) but… 1) Facebook integration is only outbound: I can update my status but I’m not getting inbound status updates; 2) I’m not sure it’s leaps and bounds above the latest TwitterBerry beta at least on a device running 4.5 firmware. Maybe it’s significantly different on 4.6 & 4.7 devices; maybe the full version is different too. The top tabs are cool and the TwitPic integration is a bit better than TB, but I don’t see what all the hype is about.

  10. Again I receive the same message as the last 1000000 times “bla bla bla much people bla bla bla”. I trie to trie it from 3 months and nothing…
    If this program as released is not the best, and best as in example the gravity in nokia, for me is dead!

  11. I also think it’s pretty stupid to have people signing up for this program and waiting for months on end just to see random “join our beta team now!” posts like this (no fault to this site) and not even get their invite email. Yet, new people can just click the link and get this lite version w/o waiting. how much sense does that make? I really hope this thing is something special.

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