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RIM & Lenovo Release Constant Connect – Solves Problem That Does Not Exist…

lenovoconstantconnect Sorry guys I really cant help myself on this one. Constant Connect is just one of those ideas that must have sounded cooler on the drawing board but has an extremely limited purpose for existence. I really cannot see lines forming out the door for a product that forwards and caches email from your BlackBerry to your laptop while it is off. You would be better off spending money on a tethering plan or just plain tethering without a plan… Makes me wonder what RIM has been doing developing this with Lenovo for 2 whole years!

In short this may have been cool 4-5 years ago before 3G datacards were in every mobile professionals bag. Now it just seems like a useless Express Card. Maybe if it had some cool features like simpler tethering that clueless executives could use…

Well if you really feel like owning a piece of RIM & Lenovo history you can pick one up for $149 on Lenovo’s website or through some of their business partners. You can pick up more info about the device in our original article about it.

via Engadget

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  1. I like BerryReview but I think you really don’t know what you are talking about. Ever try to read a spreadsheet or PowerPoint on a BB? Ever been on an airplane or somewhere without signal? Or you only have Edge reception and try to send an 10M files? Do you open your laptop and sit around and wait for the file to be send or you know that your BB will send the file while you are multitasking. Believe me, I know a lot of executives that would love to have this technology (but then Lenovo?) on their laptop. Bayalink is a good solution…

  2. B4Intime
    I think you have some valid points but keep in mind this costs $149. Maybe as a free addon people would use it. Other people may just find it easier to reply from their BlackBerry. If they need to open an attachment they can save it to their SD card and then just connect it to your laptop to view.

    Now imagine how this Constant Connect works. It will constantly be downloading all of your emails including attachments in the background. Just another battery killer. To compound that it will be transferring this information to your Constant Connect card over Bluetooth “Constantly.” Yet another battery drain. Add that to the fact that bluetooth transfers of attachments can take ages (ever try sending a 4mb MP3? it takes 3-5 minutes)

    Now do you get where I am coming from. Oh and better yet this will be killing your BlackBerry battery while you are mobile so you will have to charge it on the go… somehow.

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