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RIM Confirms Slow Death of BlackBerry Unite!

turn_light_off We told you this was coming back in February so I doubt any of you are surprised. One of RIM’s admins has confirmed in the official forums that BlackBerry Unite! is no longer available for download and support ends on July 2nd, 2010. Plenty of time for RIM to release Groups or a better solution using what they learned from their mistakes.

BlackBerry Unite was a promising piece of software that failed so bad in its execution that I really have nothing good to say about it. It was a promising offering that fell victim to how RIM implemented them causing it to be doomed to failure…

Hopefully RIM will learn from their mistakes with new Unite! browser, IT policies, and all the other frustrating bugs/quirks of BlackBerry Unite! They also need to get of their high horse of a consumer solution that can compete with BES. Regular consumers also want to be able to sync their contacts, calendar, notes, and tasks over the air!

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  1. “Regular consumers also want to be able to sync their contacts, calendar, notes, and tasks over the air!”

    While I don’t disagree or anything, I have to wonder why this situation has become an expectation of RIM to offer such a thing, I mean really..that’s the compelling difference to get on a BES, it’s like cutting off the hand that feeds you to a certain extent if the solution they come up with is close to a BES in functionality.

    With the low cost of a hosted BES…anyone can have this solution now! Yet, the expectation is that RIM should be offering it for free?

    • Blaize, my rant isn’t directed at you, more at RIM, but I get so annoyed at hearing this mantra from RIM, et al. In what world is an ADDITIONAL $35/mo for a cell bill relatively affordable? That’s a whole phone bill for most consumers. That’s greater than my Vonage bill at home.
      Whenever the subject of RIM providing some sort of PIM sync for BIS users comes up, the question always arises, “why should RIM give away for free what they can sell for $35/mo?” Well, I think we would agree that the bulk of BES users are corporations. How many of these companies do you think will give up their security to a public cloud sync? I’m certain RIM is in no danger of losing revenue here. What they are in danger of is losing end customers (BIS users) to other platforms that offer free solutions to sync.
      I get so sick of setting up friends and family member’s iphones and the only problem is which sync to choose. Meanwhile, I have to use a patch of hillbilly cross platform sync tricks to keep my BB up to date.
      When end consumers, in mass, wise up and realize that sync is something they want or need, then realize that Microsoft is now offering My Phone, Google has Active Sync avail for diff platforms, G1… etc etc, and all they have to do to have their bb in sync is spend and extra $35/mo, and then track down an Exchange server, well, i think the outcome is clear.
      The motivation and technology is already there for RIM to give all BIS users a measley 10mb for cloud sync.

  2. Bla1ze I used to think the same thing. That is until you realize that every other smartphone has the ability to do this now with activesync. RIM is the only one who is forcing their regular customers to pay $35 a month more for it just for hosted exchange and an enterprise blackberry account. Also the purpose of bes is to monitor and protect the security not just sync your PIM.
    If you think about it real time email and read/unread sync and sent messages saving all used to be BES functionality. RIM just needs to realize that more and more of their customers are not on a BES or have never heard of one

  3. The biggest usefulness of Unite! was the ability of me to download files up to 10MB over the air from my computer at home…. and if they were larger than 10MB, the automatic download of them when I was on my home Wi-Fi…. even if added whilst away from home.

    The ability of contact and calendar sharing, keeping track of phonecalls and websites, the ability to “Page” and remotely wipe my mobile… all nice, but none nearly as useful as the closest attempt thus far to share my computers files.


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