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FAQ: Email Reconciliation Features for BIS With Different Accounts

A bit back we shared with you a list that RIM provided of webmail accounts that give you real time delivery with BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service). RIM has been kind enough to also adds some more information in a nice and easy to digest chart that shows you the email reconciliation features. This breaks it down by email type/service and what features you get with each. Very useful if you are tying to decide which features you care about most. Real time delivery, two way read/unread reconciliation, saving sent items, wireless deletion… This just lays it out straight by comparing them across BIS and BES.

Source Wireless Deletion Save Sent Items Wireless read/unread status
Microsoft Outlook Web Access Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Exchange (BES) Yes Yes Yes
IBM Lotus Domino (BES) Yes Yes Yes
Yahoo! Mail Yes Yes Yes
Windows Live Hotmail or MSN No Yes No
AOL Yes No Yes
Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) Yes N/A N/A
Internet Message Access Protocol 4 (IMAP4) Yes Yes, in some cases Yes
Gmail Yes Yes No

via RIM knowledge base

So far it looks like Yahoo Mail or Outlook Web Access seem to be the best options since Gmail does not have the Wireless read/unread option. The thing that I cannot understand is how RIM manages to do wireless read/unread with regular IMAP4 but cannot do it with Gmail… I know Gmail is setup a little different but I am sure it is possible.

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  1. I agree, I loved using Yahoo Mail with my BB. True 2-way sync even for deleted items. Now that I’ve been on Gmail I still miss the 2-way sync.

    Come on RIM and Google!

  2. I am using Gmail on an 8320 (via POP3) and recently read/unread started working on my Gmail accounts.

  3. The above chart is somewhat inaccurate as far as Gmail goes.

    I have four Gmail accounts set up (through AT&T) with POP3, and when I read an email on my BlackBerry, it gets marked as Read in Gmail, but unfortunately it doesn’t work the other way around.

    That said, I tried IMAP with Gmail, and although the delivery was quicker, Reads didn’t reconcile.

  4. You are right about gmail
    With pop3 you get read unread status updates but it does not save sent messages
    With imap you get sent messages saved but not read or unread
    I can recreate the read/unread status but not the saved messages

  5. I cannot seem to get my email to sync read status. Am I doing something wrong? According to this table it should work, right?

  6. I think this is out of date. As of the latest update to the BIS gmail supports all. It saves sent msg’s as well as marking msg’s as read/unread. I think the key to getting them working is to remove and re add your gmail account. It all works for me.

  7. Still not working for me on AT&T with gmail. I don’t get read unread status and I have added and removed the account 3 times

  8. You only get 1 way sync on the blackberry with IMAP and gmail, meaning if you read it on your blackberry, it will be marked as read in gmail. But if you read it online in gmail, it will not be marked read on your blackberry.

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