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Calorie Count Nutrition Search: Free Calorie App for BlackBerry

caloriecount Lenny let me know about a new Calorie Count application that showed up in the App World recently. The app is free from’s Calorie Count website but can only be downloaded from the App World. I am not liking this recent trend of applications only being available in the App World. 🙁 The application lets you simply search the site for calorie information. Not sure if it is accurate but it should be… If not they you can always try out the LiveStrong Calorie Tracker.

From the description:

Count calories and find nutritional details for any food on the go! The Calorie Count application, available for free from the BlackBerry App World, brings the power of s popular food and diet resource,, to your fingertips. Search, evaluate and compare tens of thousands of foods from apples to zucchini, including items from popular restaurants, supermarkets and fast food chains. Regardless of whether you are counting calories or just want to stay healthy, there is no reason to leave your goals when you leave your computer.

Unlike popular diets, calorie counting is a  back-to-the-roots  weight loss method that focuses on what really matters: eating less than you burn. The largest-ever controlled study of weight loss methods just recently quoted one of its findings as follows:  For people who are trying to lose weight, it does not matter if they are counting carbohydrates, protein or fat. All that matters is that they are counting something.   February 2009, New England Journal of Medicine. is one of the largest free diet resources. It is well-known for its supportive and vibrant community of over 1.2 million members, as well as its no-nonsense approach to dieting. The concept behind Calorie Count is to help people lose weight by promoting calorie consciousness and providing community support.

It s easy to pay too much attention to all the new claims and discoveries featured in countless diet books that come out every year. Some of those books might have a point, others might not. But what s really going to make the most impact on your waistline is making sure not to exceed your daily calories. That s the whole purpose of Calorie Count s app, and while simple and straight-forward, it is an effective and proven long-term approach to weight loss and better health.

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  1. I’m with you, bro. I would like the choice of going to the author’s website to download a program and not be forced to use the App World.

  2. Yeah I dont understand why they would limit it. It also gets sticky since you cannot send a link to it for your friend to open on his PC. How is he supposed to know it only works on his BlackBerry. On top of that everybody seems to be getting a different view in the app world. Not all seeing the same applications.

  3. I’m with you guys…

    As an Australian BB user, we don’t even have access to AppWorld nor will we have access in the forseeable future!

    Stupid really considering it’s just a website with software downloads…!

  4. Don’t know if you guys can all access it but there’s another fantastic calorie counter app in app world by a group called fatsecret. Very complete program.

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