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Free Beta “I Love BlackBerry” App Tells You Just How Addicted You Truly Are…

EarlySail-Blackberry-Addict-Usage-Today I knew it was inevitable before such an application came out. I spend hours a day on my BlackBerry but I never really count all those minutes and time I spend and tally it at the end of the day. EarlySail let me know that they now have a free app that will do it for you. This way you can come face to face with how much time you spend on your BlackBerry. Just make sure your significant other does not find out that you spend more time with your Berry… 🙂

You can read more about the app at the product page. OTA download is available at this link and you can find the desktop install zip at this link.

Thanks for the free app EarlySail! Keep up the good work!

From the description:

You always suspected that you were in love with your Blackberry®, but you may be surprised at how and when you actually use it. The application will show your usage during work hours and during nights and weekends. It organizes your daily, weekly, monthly usage for the current period as well as displays long term averages.

EarlySail-Blackberry-Addict-Usage-Averages EarlySail-Blackberry-Addict-Settings

You can share your usage via email with a friend for now, and the next generation of this application will let you compare your usage with that of your friends and colleagues.

The application counts your usage on the phone as active time – therefore when prompted you should grant access to this application to use the phone api on your blackberry device. In addition, the application periodically checks to see if a new version of the application is available.

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  1. gr8 will try it out…thanks Ronen!

  2. Blackberry users have been waiting for something like this for a long time! Great!

  3. Awesome application. I tried it on my berry just to figure out that I spend more time with berry than my wife. Thanks EarlySail for this application, now I know where my time is going 😉

  4. I can already see the downward spiral into depression… 🙂
    This reminds me of the joke Bill Cosby used to tell about how he spends a collective 2 days a year just taking on and off his winter clothes… You dont realize how much time it is until you actually take a hard look at it.

  5. I honestly can’t see how tracking phone calls is any good indicator. Not on a BlackBerry that does so much than make phone calls. So by this app web browsing, email, brickbreaker, Messenger, SMS, Nav4All, none are “active use”?
    I’d say they need to track sonething like the screen blanker. If the screen is blanked, the device isn’t “in use” (despite background apps still running).

  6. something wrong with the zip file.

    this is for all BB’s right? mine is os4.2.1 pearl 8100

    dl’d the zip, opened it, and dl’s thru DM but it says “cannot install as one file is missing”. does not say which one. the zip has the alx, cod, and jad.


  7. So My question is, I have this downloaded,used it though the day and was working fine, then when I did a battery pull tonight, and had checked it again The keyboard was there, and would not flip in landscape. I looked in the options to see if I could hide the keyboard, and nothing there, I also disable compatibility. Anyone else have this issue?

    • I had the same events happen to me. I possibly could have lived without the landscape mode, but the keyboard that won’t go away was the final straw. I also could not get over how much of a resource hog it is. I removed and somewhat back to order

    • We are improving Storm compatibility. If you downloaded it via the ZIP ( rather than OTA) there may be a compatibility mode issue which can be fixed thus:

      Q: I am a BlackBerry Storm user. How do I get rid of the virtual keyboard?

      A: If you downloaded the application using the ZIP file to your PC and not using the Over the Air link, you can take the following additional steps

      Go to Options->Advanced Options->Applications

      Select I Love Blackberry application and select the “Disable Compatibility Mode” from menu

      Reboot the device.

      This and other FAQs on

    • Most users have reported that this works:

      Go to Options->Advanced Options->Applications

      Select I Love Blackberry application and select the “Disable Compatibility Mode” from menu

      Reboot the device.

      Better support for Storm is coming.

  8. This needs some work on the Storm. I’m running a 9500 on .131.

    The application does allow me to close or hide the keyboard on the screen so the application window only fills half the screen.

    I cannot easily scroll around the settings screen either. By default I can only see the Set Work Days and the From fields of Set work hours. I can scroll down to the To fields on Set work hours but I can only see the center third of the “image”. I cannot seem to select the hour drop downs.

    I can see Set Idle Time but again only the center “third” of the image.

    Otherwsie the app seems to be recording the data correctly.

    • David

      Can you use the Send Feedback option in the app to contact us so we can collect more data regarding the problem you report and track it ?


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