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BerryPopup: Yet Another Email/SMS Popup App – 50 Free Copies

Bellshare let me know about a new application, BerryPopup, that they just released. BerryPopup is yet another email/SMS popup application that looks quite good. On the other hand this application solution space is getting a bit crowded already… BerryPopup does look really nice though and options are good in case you don’t like one of the alternatives.

HOT! The good news is that we have 50 free copies to give away to the first 50 readers who use the coupon code berryreviewpopup through our store at this link.

berrypopup2 berrypopup1

From the product description:

BerryPopup is the easiest way to preview incoming e-mail and SMS messages the moment they arrive. See what is happening without switching away from what you are currently doing.
BerryPopup will show a preview of your incoming e-mail and SMS messages in any application.
Reply, forward, mark as read or delete messages right from the preview window without having to switch to the messaging application.


  • Preview incoming e-mails/alerts
  • Open inbox, reply, forward, mark as read and delete e-mails right from the popup
  • Open inbox, reply and forward SMS right from the popup
  • Disable popups until backlight dims or for a certain time right from the popup
  • Customize order of messages (Oldest first, Newest first)
  • Only show popups for messages from contacts you have in your phonebook
  • Customize positioning of the popup (“System Default”, “Bottom of screen” or “Stretch to the borders of the screen”)
  • Customize position of the button bar (left, right, top, bottom)
  • Automatically turn on backlight when a message comes in
  • Auto-dismiss popup after specified time
  • Disable popups while in the messaging application
  • Disable while device is locked so you will not be flooded with popups after unlocking
  • Disable popups while backlight is on
  • Show contact photo and customize its size
  • Customize font sizes
  • Integrates with SmartAlerts (coming May 2009) for absolute control which messages trigger popups and which don’t
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  1. Awesome. Checked at just the right time. Seems like every popup app has something I really don’t like…

    For peekawho and aerize it was the lag it causes on your phone.

  2. Thank you BellShare and Berry Review!!! 🙂

  3. 请问怎么索取呢??谢谢

  4. This app looks great great, , need one copy 🙂

    Ps: why i can’t log in?

  5. lol’s This promotion code has been already used. 😀

  6. Oh, what a pity! It’s over.

  7. 博主 来个友情链接吧

  8. Thanks both BellShare and Berry Review 🙂

  9. Works really well, personally I prefer this one over the other popup apps.

  10. it seems that it doesn’t support chinese fonts .

  11. Dang aleady used. Oh well.

  12. Gone already???????????????????????? at 6:56 am?????

    Can you release another 50 copies, please?

  13. love these pop ups :] yes release more, missed again :[

  14. balls…. all used up.

  15. Always wanted to try one of these….I’ll keep my fingers crossed! Looks great.

  16. The problem with “instant” giveaways is that… well, timing. Some people aren’t present at the right time of the giveaways. There’s so many factors; time zones, lives getting in the way, sleeping, etc.

    This should’ve been a luckydraw, and give 2 days notice. Give the chance for readers to “tweet” about the product (or even the giveaways) as well. A better exposure.

    Instant giveaways give a sour taste in the mouth to those who didn’t win.

  17. Nothing says grateful like complaining about free stuff

  18. It seems like the the offer was gone before it started.

  19. Sorry guys but that’s the luck of the draw. We posted this at 3am EST so by 6 it was probably gone. We have readers around the world so we space out the giveaways at different times of the day. That way everybody gets a chance. Signing up for email alerts also helps but can get annoying so I don’t recommend it.

  20. Way better then PeekaBo and Arz
    Many Thanks to Bellshare for building pop up app that works

  21. Does not work with autostandby, which kinda is a big turn off… Also, for sms, when you click reply, after finishing your text, the inbox screen shows up which kinda sucks because it will mark all other new sms/email (no more star envelope icon, just envelope in main screen)… Other than that, its quick, instantaneous, very customizable… There hasn’t been a single app that can make sms marked as read in one click, still waiting for that program…

  22. This is much better than the other two. I highly recommend this. Very user friendly and does not slow down your BB 🙂

  23. I just noticed issue when pulling Curve from magnetic holster.Pop-up box shows but when I choose any of the button commands in pop-up they don’t work.I’m taken directly to message inbox then message with lag which is very disappointing
    Peekawho and Aerize Alerts were guilty of same bug ,I hope Bellshare comes up with fix fast.

  24. I can haz BerryPopup? Me thinks yes!
    I just hope it’s not as buggy as Aerize/PeekAWho…

  25. i really like this kind of app but hope it’s better than aerize. I really like this app.

  26. got it yesterday. have it in my pearl now. nonetheless, i just read from a review in PS that due to RIM OS issues, sms messages wont open on the BerryPopUp window. I don’thave a data plan so I don’t receive mails. been testing this since last night for sms and the review, in my experience, is true. On the contrary, it is always great to have this app from BellShare. I have berrybuzz and looking forward to more bellshare apps. 🙂

  27. I picked this up when it was first listed. It’s a great app, running a lot smoother on my Bold than Aerize. Thanks guys!

  28. awesome pop up app.
    in my opinion the best one to-date

  29. thanks

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