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AudioWav Mobile: Free Dictation Application For BlackBerry

audiowav I have to preface this by saying that I don’t know much about the BlackBerry dictation market. From what I can tell you could easily use the voice recorder on newer devices and email the audio file to the transcription service of your choosing or just your secretary.

On the other hand Dataworxs let me know that they have released a free application called AudioWav Mobile which does all of this for you from one application. It looks like you can use it with their dictation services or just have the audio sent to your secretary. This looks like one of those things you would need to try to truly understand. If you are in the market for dictation software it may be worth a look.

You can pick up the app free OTA at this link or get the desktop manager install at this link.

From the description:

AudioWav Mobile for BlackBerry® presents a new dimension to wireless working. Recording, editing and sending dictation files from your BlackBerry® offers mobile flexibility and reduces document turnaround time. When recording is finished, your dictation files will be securely transmitted to your assistant’s e-mail for automatic import into their standalone transcription player or to the company’s dictation server. After transcription, the transcribed document can then be sent back to the BlackBerry® by email. AudioWav Player or Audioworxs is the perfect companion for your BlackBerry®, delivering everything you need for secure, wireless dictation workflow.

Increased efficiency:

  • Send your dictation files globally from your BlackBerry® for maximum productivity
  • AudioWav Mobile for BlackBerry® offers dictation features such as demographic capture for automatic classification and routing of your dictation.
  • Automatic retention of sent files so you have easy access to what was sent or needs to be re-sent
  • Free application so you can send notes when you want.
  • Cut down the number of devices professionals carry and cut call costs if you currently use telephony/cell phones for dictation.
  • Combined with Dataworxs Speech Recognition integration, you can receive typed documents via email that you dictated from your Blackberry, without support staff intervention. Perfect for after hours dictation and transcription.

Simple to use:

  • Installation is simple, using either over-the-air directly to the BlackBerry or the BlackBerry Device Manager though your PC.
  • A clear user interface intuitively guides you through the dictation and send process
  • Easy-to-use key control, trackball and convenience buttons, with automatic positioning to the most common next function
  • Dictations are automatically uploaded over the mobile data services via the BlackBerry Internet Service or the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Central control:

  • BlackBerry secure mail delivery directly to your assistants desktop or dictation server.
  • Secure voice and data transmission maintains a high level of client confidentiality
  • Workflow audit trails that maintain a record of all activity
  • Virtual systems for the firm with multiple offices, with local customization but centralized control, without compromise

Business Benefits:

  • An effective, genuinely mobile, Dataworxs digital voice solution ensures that a law firm optimizes its edge, by capturing key points, notes and vital ideas as soon as inspiration arises, without a professional needing to scramble for pens and bits of paper – or having to summarize later, when the impetus of the concept has passed.
  • Less physical / office time locked up in non-billable admin matters means more time on chargeable client matters and greater revenue stream for the firm.
  • With a Dataworxs mobile voice solution,  out of office down time can be maximized to its optimum. Lawyers waiting time at courts, external meetings, airport delays, etc  can be immediately converted into additional billable hours or effective admin time.

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