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Mt. Everest to get Dedicated Cell Service – US Carriers Still Struggling With My Apartment

mteverest Sorry everybody I could not help myself. When I read that Mt. Everest will be getting dedicated GSM & CDMA service in mid-June from Nepal Telecom I just shook my head. I live in the middle of one of the most populated areas in the United States (Manhattan) and I still barely get service from AT&T in my apartment. Sprint & Verizon only get service by the windows and T-Mobile is out cold but at least they have UMA…

I know that this is mostly due to the fact that dense tall brick buildings pose a problem to wireless technology of any sort. On the other hand when I drop calls on my cellphone walking down 34th street in New York City…

So how do you feel about your carriers indoor coverage? I know it may not always be rational but a good rant helps me vent every once in awhile… 🙂

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  1. Maybe the snow man got a cell phone now 🙂

  2. Well you could move to Mt Everest for a strong signal.

  3. I would say femtocell but I know you know about them already. Plus they don’t help out on 34th.
    I guess I am lucky, I get good Verizon coverage in my house and I work from home. However, friends with Sprint get practically no service and ATT and TMO are marginal.

  4. Well if you look at Rogers they are to have better coverage in buildings but lag the outdoors.I’m with telus and have good coverage outdoors about 100% and indoors about 40%.That’s why I like CMDA phone over GMS ones.But that’s my opinion. I guess it depands on what job your in,buildings or on the road like me. Oh by the way all telus employees got their memos, that the 9630 is coming to telus this June. Wahoooo

  5. Hey R, I guess you didn’t get the news? ATT has already improved New York coverage eh? 🙂

  6. Sprint, Verizon and AT&T all get lousy coverage in buildings outside the I475 in my area. I find myself outside a lot. The old bag phones used to get awesome reception all around the area.

  7. The radio in the phone plays a big part in it as well. My wife and I used to carry Sprint Sanyo SCP-5500’s (VM4500), and our phones worked in our house, except for the basement. The weird part was that they worked until you tried to hold the phone between your ear and shoulder. I got a BlackBerry 8830 WE, and I haven’t really had problems since. My mother in law has one of their free phones, and she loses all coverage halfway down the stairs.

  8. Here in the middle of corn country (Iowa), I have yet to lose a call indoors or out, on the road or sitting still. And in my basement apartment, where I used to get 3 bars with my Motorola, my Verizon Curve gets 4 or 5 bars consistently. No data problems at all. But I talked to someone yesterday who said her home in southern Iowa is in a Verizon dead zone, only US Cellular gets thru. I sure don’t miss living near DC. 🙂

  9. Anyone who lives and works in Manhattan knows that service sucks in many many many buildings with all the carriers.

    Some people are lucky enough to be in the perfect spot where coverage is decent but they aren’t necessarily the majority.

    ATT was crap so I went to Verizon. Although a little better around town, they still sucked inside my place.

    Sprint…. Don’t want nothing to do with them…..

    I started using T-Mobile recently with the new 8900 which has UMA technology. Talk about a life saver. Voice/data coverage inside my condo is no longer an issue.

    • Yeah I wouldn’t recommend sprint either TMobile has step it up I used to get only goos service in my city and now I get EDGE service all over my area and is fast I hardly ever have to worry about drop calls.

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