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Linking Contact “Feature” in Facebook 1.5 Automatically Requests Phone Number

Now this is a weird “feature” that I was hoping RIM would fix in the official version of Facebook 1.5 that they just released. The newly released version automatically sends a "phone number request" to people that you manually identify as being the same contact within your Facebook account.

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The thing is that if you already have the contact in your address book you probably already have their number in there too. So why does it not ask you if you wish to request a phone number??? Better yet why are some contacts automatically integrated while others are not? Is it by email address? Name? Number? This is a really annoying feature that I hope RIM fixes soon. It also seems to be messing around with peoples today screen themes which only show calendar entries from the Facebook application…

So what other bugs have you found?

I did notice a few more options in the official release compared to the leaked copy. You can now set it to spell check your messages and prompt before checking for updates. Anybody notice anything else new?

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  1. I only had some e-mail addresses because that’s all I have needed for them. Now I text them.

  2. Actually, I’ve had the leaked os for quite sometime now and I was always able to spell check and ask before refreshing.

  3. Yes. I experienced this when I tried the beta version. Very annoying and quite out of order really. Ended up having to apologies to friends for seeing such a strange request. This sort of information is not the sort that people want to give so freely over the internet

  4. Yes, I found this very annoying.

    It did link a little over 250 of my contacts… and I believe it doesn’t even look by name, but rather phone number OR email. I was kind of surprised when it linked a few in my phone where names did not match at all, yet were correct.

    I manually linked the ones facebook missed. Although I’m sure my friend who may have got spammed with that facebook request found it annoying…. Nevertheless, they are my actual friends and well, probably understand it was not sent intentionally and would just ignore the request. Otherwise, I’ll be getting a lot of phonecalls lol.

    The other thing is the event syncing with Calendar… WOW, did this slow things down on my calendar. I get probably a little close to 250-300 event invites a month in my business. I would have preferred it only sync up the ones I have actually RSVP’d YES or MAYBE too. Facebook syncs ALL of them, even the ones yo haven’t gotten to or looked at yet. This has slowed down my Calendar tremendously!

    And well, bc I have a little over 1500 facebook friends, I thought it would realy be annoying to have everyone’s bday on my calendar. But Facebook was VERY COOL about this.. it only put the ones that are actually in your BlackBerry addressbook. Very nice touch.

    But the events thing though, sure it’s nice to know about every single thing that’s going on in case might’ve overlooked something… but again, would much rather know only the ones I actually RSVP’d too.

    And adding a manual sync only option would be cool. When facebook 1.5 says it will link and update periodically. Just about how often is that? Between Facebook 1.5 and UberTwitter, my BB definitely noticed a quick drain of battery a few times. Two most excellent programs that just need a slight tweak! 🙂

  5. VERY annoying indeed! I also just sent out an apology message to 5 people. I will not manually connect anymore address book entries for this reason.

    I have not idea what causes the connection. I had people who all I had was a maiden name and an old email connect automatically, and others in which I had first and last names, an email and their mobile# and I did not connect. :/

  6. Yes I noticed the message being sent to people so I stopped right away. I had posted the same thing on my Facebook status–what is the difference in the new version? If anybody else sees something let us know.

    Another subject–is there any app for creating, tracking to completion projects with checklists?????

    Let me know anybody.


  7. I too have noticed the battery drain.
    And the phone number request thing is unacceptable.

    Anyone know where to get the previous version?

  8. I downloaded this yesterday morning when it was officially released. I didn’t pay attention to my inbox until after I manually linked about a dozen contacts, just to see the phone number request being generated to each of them. I stopped and emailed them about it.

    I also noticed late yesterday afternoon, that my battery was about 50% where it would be about 90%. I’ll have to see if that continues.

  9. Very annoying and deceptive; never mentioned in the features list that it would do this.

  10. I’ve gotten 5 notices that facebook has found more friends from my bb contacts. I’ve tried accepting more and cancelling, still getting them. This app sucks, useless additions, like add friend?!?!? A swirling screen is not worth memory or battery loss

  11. Pissed me off when it changed my calendar settings and my calendar would no longer show on my today themes… Nixed that feature real quick and set it back to my default calendar. The messenger contact integration… not flying in my book… if I want the integration I’ll add them on BBM. would never want my number blasted out there like that…

  12. I was caught off guard by the phone number request thing as well…my wife of two years had no idea why I was asking for her number on FaceBook

  13. To fix only the calender events from facebook showing. Go to options < advanced options < default service… Then change your default calender from facebook to your regular phone linked email.

  14. Well, it looks like today my battery is approaching 50% in the late afternoon and I’ve been on my BB a minimal amount of time today. Something is sucking the life out of the battery!

  15. I really hate that this app did this! If anyone figures out how to turn it off, I’d love to know. It’s pretty embarassing to accidentally ask your ex, who you are on facebook terms but NOT phone terms, for their digits!

  16. Sounds like the new one is coming out ASAP (heard on another forum)

  17. Worse than that – if you integrate v1.5 with your BB calendar (v4.5), it screws up your BB calendar sync as it installs the FB CICAL as the default one on your BB. If you have multiple CICALs on your BB, they will be color coded accordingly but only the default calendar will sync up with Outlook or display on a today theme.

    Without knowing this, many people will find their BBs not backing up & syncing parts of their calendars without knowing why..

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