Keytoss Mobile Portal Adds Reservations

keytosshotels We have mentioned Keytoss quite a few times on BerryReview as a great customizable mobile homepage for your BlackBerry. They just let me know that they have released an update that integrates their service with The new service lets mobile users search for hotels and make reservations online at over 85,000 hotels worldwide. They have also added mapping, a currency calculator, & flight status by route to the features of the mobile portal.

Check it out from your BlackBerry at

  • Global location search
    KeyToss has combined the powerful Google geocoding service with massive country-specific databases from GeoNames, allowing users to use a text field to specify locations nearly anywhere in the world: neighborhood names, addresses, postal codes, and landmarks, as well as cities, airports, and geo-coordinates.
  • Geolocation
    Many smartphones are able to determine approximate location, based on either a built-in GPS chip, or a calculation of nearest cell-towers.  KeyToss allows users of certain phones to use this location data to search for nearby hotels.  The KeyToss interface for Google Gears geolocation, which is available on Windows Mobile, Android, and Opera Mobile for WM, was introduced to beta testers last month.  The iPhone geolocation tool, which requires the Alocola application, and the BlackBerry geolocation tool, which works with recent devices, are currently available for testing.  A geolocation interface for the new Palm Pre will be available when it is launched.

  • Flexible date input
    KeyToss has developed a very flexible parsing engine optimized for the mobile interface.  Dates can be entered in nearly any format.  For example, if today is Thursday, April 23, the following would all be accepted for a check-in date of Saturday, April 25 (along with dozens of other variations):
    ‘25 Apr’, ‘4/25’, ‘4-25’, ‘4.25’, ‘4,25’, ‘4 25’, ‘2 days’, ‘2’, ‘saturday’, ‘sat’, ‘sa’, ‘the day after tomorrow’, and ‘dumb movie’.
    The check-out date is similar, except that an input of a number of days (or nights) is relative to the check-in date. Some other possible inputs include ‘2 weeks’, ‘1 month’, ‘8/29 + 6 days’, and ‘good movie’.
    By default, the check-in date is set for the current day, while the check-out date is set for the following day.
  • Secure online wallet
    Payment input and security are major barriers to mobile commerce.  The mobile hotel reservation service takes advantage of the KeyToss account platform to allow customers to enter and save credit card information using a PC.  The KeyToss Secure Wallet saves only the card number and contact information, reducing most of the information that needs to be input on the phone.  At the time of the transaction, the customer can enter the expiration date and card security value, along with the account password.
  • Maps
    Customers can preview the locations of hotels on Google Maps, and measure the distance from a hotel to any other location.  The maps are clickable for zooming and moving, and customers can also switch to satellite view.
  • Image galleries
    Over a million pictures of hotels and rooms are available for browsing through an easy-to-use photo viewing tool, custom-made for the mobile browser.
  • Multiple search profiles
    People have different search criteria depending on their specific travel situation.  Someone traveling on business might conduct a different type of hotel search from when that same person travels with family.  As another convenience, KeyToss allows users to save multiple sets of search preferences.
  • Flexible output
    While KeyToss was originally developed for smartphones, which typically have larger screens than the more common feature phones, the new hotel interface allows users to turn off images and display hotel content in a more compressed format.
  • best rate guarantee
    All prepaid hotel reservations are guaranteed to be the best price by

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