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BlackBerry Multitasking features

One of the things that I love about my BlackBerry is the ability to spell check as I type (Using an 8900), but what really makes the BlackBerry smartphone stand above in my opinion is the multitasking capabilities.

Being bilingual, I often tend to type in both Spanish and English, and so far the BlackBerry has not disappointed me. The fact that I can simply switch from one language to another by a simple command of ALT+Enter in less than a second is just awesome. I can spell check my e-mail or text messages simply by switching from one language to another depending which language I am writing. This is one of the most helpful tools that RIM has implemented with the new BlackBerry OS 4.5 and up. It not only corrects my spelling, but also adds correct accent marks when I am writing in Spanish. Not many smartphones out there can do this as simple as the BlackBerry does. This feature can be enabled or integrated with third-party applications as well.

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The BlackBerry is the perfect phone for multitasking. Another favorite feature of mine is the ability to run several applications at the same time and switch between them back and forth. I find it to be a lot like the option PCs have using the ALT+TAB to change from one application to the other. This is very useful and makes the life with multitasking a lot easier.

Here is a list of my favorite and useful shortcuts:

  • Change language: ALT+Enter.
  • Typing a special character such as “ñ” in Spanish: click the letter you want without releasing it and use the trackball to scroll through the letters until you get the one you want.
  • Toggle between apps: press and hold Alt+Backspace button. Also, by pressing backspace again, it lets you move through all the applications you currently have open.
  • Change signal bar to numbers: holding Alt, type “NMLL” and repeat the procedure to switch back.
  • Viewing the event log: press Alt+LGLG. You can also erase the event log.

Capture18_10_54 Capture18_11_49

These features make the BlackBerry a useful device for me and it is not as easy to do with any other device I have owned. I used to go through different phones every quarter until I got my first BlackBerry.

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  1. You have SocialScope!!! I want it!!! 🙂

  2. yeah I do is a nice app.. hopefully it goes out of beta soon.

  3. I have SocialScope as well. It is great. They just release a new version, but it has yet to make its way over to me.

    What two applications are shown to the right of your Application Switch menu (the screen shot with SocialScope selected)? One looks like a Security product and the other looks like a Chat client.

    Lastly, if you have one of a newer beta OS (I do on my Bold), you can hold down the BlackBerry button for a second or two to pull up the application switcher. Much easier since it is done with one finger/hand now.

    • Thanks, I knew I forgot that feature and it actually keeps the menu up doesn’t it.

      The security feature is the SMRTGUARD app it should be out of beta as a commercial app soon. and The 3rd app is just my BB messenger just the themer used that icon for it.

    • Neither way works for me. I have to hit the BlackBerry button, and then scroll down to “Switch Application”.

      I have a 8900.

  4. On the Bold as of a late 4.6 revision you can hold down the blackberry buttons to bring up the task switcher. Not sure if any other OS’s or models can do this yet.

  5. I actually hate the alt+backspace feature. I wish I could press alt then backspace to bring up the task switching. It would allow me to switch tasks one-handed. In its current form, I have to use two hands. :-/

  6. Luis, I have the bold and language input shortcut does not work for me. Is there anything else I need to install or could it be because I chose English as the only language option. Thanks.

    • It should work but your right you need need to load the languages you want to keep by selecting them on Desktop manager. If you remove them and only use the English language the option will not be there.

  7. what theme are you using?

  8. Luis: When you say the BlackBerry button, is that the one to the left of the trackball on the Bold? Mine just takes me off the main screen to the screen with all the icons. Perhaps it’s the theme? I set up my convenience button to bring up the task switcher.

    • yes the one with the BB symbol to the left, you hold it for a few seconds and it should bring that up. Not sure if is because of what you stated. Try it and see it works but ti should not be theme related since is a RIM added shortcut on the latest OS 4.6+

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